Hundreds stranded as British airline Flybmi collapses

LONDON — Hundreds of passengers have been stranded by the abrupt collapse of the British regional airline Flybmi.The airline said it’s filing for administration — a British version of bankruptcy — because of higher fuel costs and uncertainty caused by Britain’s upcoming departure from the European Union.The airline operated 17 jets on routes to 25 European cities. It employed 376 people in Britain, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.The airline said all flights will be cancelled and advised passengers to seek refunds from credit card issuers, travel agents or travel insurance companies.Thanking workers for their dedication, the airline said “it is with a heavy heart that we have made this unavoidable announcement.”Flybmi says it carried 522,000 passengers on 29,000 flights last year.The Associated Press read more

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OSCE seeks to defuse conflicts combat radicalization and build trust UN Security

“As you can imagine, chairing OSCE is not an easy task,” said Sebastian Kurz, Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of Austria, citing the difficulty in finding consensus among the regional body’s 57 States.“Austria has taken over the OSCE chairmanship at a critical moment. Everywhere we look, there are grave threats to peace and security,” he added.He said that the Austrian chairmanship will seek to contribute to defusing existing conflicts, create a platform to assists States in their efforts to combat radicalization and violent extremism, and help rebuild trust between the OSCE States.On the crisis in and around Ukraine, he said the OSCE has demonstrated its crucial role in brokering a ceasefire and its special monitoring mission has helped prevent a worsening of the situation. However, support is need to increase the number of monitors on the ground, improve the technical equipment for monitoring and extend the operating hours along the contact line between Government and non-Government armed forces, he said. Austria will also support all efforts to achieve progress on other conflict situations, including those in Transnistria, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh.Turning to radicalization and terrorism, he said more than 10,000 people from the OSCE area have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/Da’esh). The most vulnerable group to be radicalized is youth, Mr. Kurz said, adding that he has appointed Peter Neumann, an expert on terrorism, as his special representative on radicalisation. The Austrian chairmanship will also try to resume discussions on conventional arms control in Europe, and seek to launch a structured dialogue on current and future challenges and risks to security in the OSCE area. Cyber security and social and economic cooperation – two issues discussed in Vienna recently – are areas where everybody stands to gain from more cooperation, and success in these areas will lead to more trust, he stressed. “The same is true for human rights, the rule of law and democracy. Together we can strengthen the cohesiveness and resilience of our societies to better counter threats to our security,” he said. In closing, he welcomed the establishment of a UN liaison office in Vienna that would enable even stronger cooperation between the OSCE and the UN. read more

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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q brings full QWERTY Android to TMobile August

first_imgAndroid OEMs have always had a knack for selecting clunky, awkward names for their phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q looks set to carry on that tradition on T-Mobile’s airwaves. Based on the AccuWeather widget shown in the press image, it looks as though the new QWERTY slider may be arriving in just  a couple of days.Specs haven’t been officially revealed yet, though there’s some speculation that the Blaze Q may be a QWERTY-fied version of the Epic Touch 4G %displayPrice% at %seller% with upgraded internals. Rather than a 1.2GHz dual-core chip and an 800 x 480 display, for example, the Blaze Q is expected to ship with a 1.5GHz dual-core and a 720p display.Samsung may use one if its own chips, too, though probably the Exynos 4212 and not the new Exynos 5250 superchip. As for the display, there’s reason to question whether Samsung will be able to push the resolution that high. With all that extra bezel, it’s unlikely that the display will stretch more than four inches. Samsung has yet to use a 720p panel below four and a half inches, so this would either be its first — or the Blaze Q will be sporting a lower-resolution display when it arrives.Other anticipated features include 16GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, a rear-facing camera that can capture full 1080p video, HSPA+ support, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich — which means you’ll need to wait patiently for an OTA update to Jelly Bean if you decide to pick up the Blaze Q.More at TMo Newslast_img read more

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Penalties for bosses hiring illegal workers

first_imgBusinesses may face penalties of up to $50,000 if they choose to hire illegal employees through new draft laws the Australian Government will introduce to parliament in the new year.This follows an independent review findings of penalties and they way they are enforced on businesses employing non-Australians without permission to work in Australia.After public consultation on the findings, immigration minister Chris Bowen says the government is ready to crack down on employers in 2012 who continue to hire illegal workers. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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Hunting Aliens Try Looking Behind Repositioned Stars

first_imgStay on target Scientists Discover Possible Interstellar VisitorWater Vapor Detected on Potentially ‘Habitable’ Planet Over the next 100 billion years, all stars beyond the Local Group (comprising more than 54 galaxies, including our Milky Way) will slowly withdraw from the universe.As described by Dan Hooper, of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory at the Center for Particle Astrophysics, the heavenly bodies will “fall beyond the cosmic horizon and become not only unobservable, but entirely inaccessible, thus limiting how much energy could one day be extracted from them.”This, of course, is nothing for you to fret over. You’ll be long dead. So will your children, you children’s children, and your children’s children’s children.But for the advanced species living on a planet in another star system, this could be a major problem.“On timescales of tens of billions of years and longer, the expansion of the universe will ultimately limit the ability of an advanced civilization to accumulate and consume useable energy, a fact that has only been exacerbated by the discovery of dark energy,” Hooper wrote in a white paper.Fingers crossed someone figures out how to build Dyson sphere ASAP.The hypothetical megastructures, first described in Olaf Stapledon’s 1937 sci-fi novel “Star Maker,” attempt to explain how a spacefaring civilization would meet energy requirements once its planet’s resources are depleted.As it stands, only a fraction of a star’s energy emissions reaches the surface of an orbiting planet. So why not assemble a giant cage that fits around a star, capturing a large percentage of its power output?Great idea! Except that the expansion of the universe continues to drive more candidate orbs out of reach.Hooper, however, has a plan.The advanced civilization in question must simply “expand rapidly outward,” build a Dyson sphere around encountered stars, and use the harnessed energy to “accelerate those stars … toward the center” of their world.Think Dolly Parton lassoing and hogtying her bigoted boss in 9 to 5—but on a cosmic level.“Given the inevitability of the encroaching horizon, any sufficiently advanced civilization that is determined to maximize its ability to utilize energy will expand throughout the universe, attempting to secure as many stars as possible before they become permanently inaccessible,” according to Hooper.Which will ultimately lead us to the discovery of extraterrestrial life—cultures that are perhaps already using Dyson spheres to bolster their galaxies.“It is of course possible … that life has already evolved elsewhere in our universe, and that civilizations far more advanced than our own may already exist within our Hubble volume,” Hooper explained. “If this is the case, then they may have already begun to collect stars from their surrounding cosmological environment, altering the distribution of stars and leading to potentially observable signatures.”Clues such as the odd-looking galaxy, seemingly full of only massive stars—those too big or too short-lived to be of use, i.e., the leftovers—could give us the answers we’ve been looking for.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Vogue Releases Latest Edition of Vogue Exclusive App

first_imgVogue announced their latest version of the Vogue Exclusive app today. The app focuses on the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the May 2 event which will celebrate the late designer Alexander McQueen and the exhibition opening of “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty”.For a $.99 download, the Vogue Exclusive app offers: three videos; an introduction to the new McQueen exhibition by Met curator Andrew Bolton; a tribute to McQueen by Vogue EIC Anna Wintour; a retrospective focused from 2006’s “Anglomania” to 2010’s “American Woman” and an intro by Vogue’s European editor-at-large Hamish Bowles.This is the third installment of the Vogue Exclusive app; prior editions included cover subjects, the pop stars Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The Lady Gaga installment is bundled with purchase of the Costume Gala edition.                                                                              The Costume Institute Gala began in 1948 as a $50 plate midnight supper. The McQueen exhibit features 100 ensembles and 70 accessories from the designer’s career. Vogue launched the Exclusive app on February 17, with Vogue’s Lady Gaga cover story anchoring the app offering. Additional interviews, photos, audio and video were included in the iPad-only app.Photo Credit: Mario Testino/Vogue More on this topic Digital Edition Briefs | 6.28.12 Hearst Tests App Business QA Question Content New York Times Names Style Magazine Editor 2006 Eddie and Ozzie Awards Finalists Announced Want Page Views? Post a Story on Abortion RightsJust In TIME Names New Sales, Marketing Leads | People on the Move BabyCenter Sold to Ziff Davis Parent J2 Media | News & Notes The Atlantic Names New Global Marketing Head | People on the Move PE Firm Acquires Majority Stake in Industry Dive Shanker Out, Litterick In as CEO of EnsembleIQ Four More Execs Depart SourceMedia in Latest RestructuringPowered bylast_img read more

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New bill on sex education passes in Alaska Senate

first_imgDownload AudioA bill to give parents more authority over sex education in Alaska schools passed the Alaska Senate Friday.Senate Bill 89, introduced by Sen. Mike Dunleavy last spring, is framed as a “parental rights” bill; it would require parents’ permission before public school students have a sex education lesson, and allow parents to opt their kids out of sex ed and standardized testing.But what’s drawn more controversy is that the measure would bar schools from using educational material from any “abortion services provider.” That includes Planned Parenthood, which says it currently provides education to over 2,000 Alaskan children.The bill’s co-sponsor Sen. Cathy Giessel told reporters Monday it’s about protecting parents’ authority over their children’s education.“To have special interests coming into the schools, many parents believe is inappropriate,” said Giessel. “If they wanted their children to receive materials and philosophy from Planned Parenthood, any parent could certainly take their child to a Planned Parenthood clinic, but it doesn’t belong in an institution where we’re providing a broad education for all of Alaska’s children.”Before the Senate vote Friday, Senate Minority Leader Berta Gardner called S.B. 89 a “bad bill” for a state with high rates of chlamydia, child sex abuse, and teen pregnancy.“Many of us as parents want our children to be informed. We want them to know the scientific facts about disease, about reproduction…” said Gardner. “We want children to know facts about dating violence and risks and what are healthy relationships and what are the signs that a relationship is not healthy. That’s what we want for all children, I think.”Gardner added an amendment Friday to clarify that S.B. 89 wouldn’t prevent schools teaching about dating violence and sexual abuse required under Erin’s Law, which passed last year.And, content matter aside, Gardner argued that the bill violates the autonomy of local school districts.“I believe it’s state overreach, it impairs local control, and it puts an unfunded mandate on school districts,” said Gardner, “and we’ve fought against these in other areas, too.”Gardner also noted that parents can currently take their kids out of a school lesson or activity for any reason.S.B. 89 passed the State Senate on reconsideration by a vote of 12-7. It goes now to the House.In a piece of companion legislation, Senator Dunleavy also spelled out penalties;S.B. 191 says that teachers could be fired and even have their teaching licenses revoked for using materials from an organization like Planned Parenthood.Planned Parenthood said in a statement Friday that both SB 89 and SB 191 are “unconstitutional restrictions on the education available to communities across the state.”last_img read more

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2 neoJMB men held in Dhaka 30 detonators seized

first_imgHeldCounter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) detained two alleged members of neo-JMB from Nikunjo area in Khilkhet of the capital on Friday night, reports UNB.The identities of the arrestees are yet to be disclosed.Police also recovered 30 detonators (explosive) from their possessions, said DMP deputy commissioner (Media) Masudur Rahman.Details of the drive will be made available at a press briefing later in the day, he added.last_img

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New York New York – Reported by Elite Traveler t

first_imgNew York, New York – Reported by Elite Traveler, the private jet lifestyle magazineThe skies are brightening for business aviation, and Flexjet expects that trend to continue in 2012. Here are some recent numbers that illustrate the company’s positive financial indicators:– When comparing year ending Sept. 2010 to Sept. 2011, fractional jet industry sales are up 16%; at Flexjet, sales of its fractional jet shares are up 92%.– During this same period of time, Flexjet has grown its market share from 14% to 21%.– Flexjet has also successfully sold 33 shares in the all-new Learjet 85 aircraft that was just launched in August 2011, with 7 additional contracts in progress.– Flexjet’s parent company Bombardier released its Q3 financial results in December posting revenues for its Aerospace division of $2.3 billion, compared to $1.8 billion during the same period last fiscal year.There is no doubt the road to recovery for the business aviation industry has been a long one. But during that time Flexjet has been working diligently to position itself as the private aviation solutions provider of choice. For example:– Flexjet now offers access to the most comprehensive portfolio of products in the business aviation industry, including whole aircraft ownership and management, fractional jet ownership, jet cards and charter brokerage services.– It has the youngest aircraft in the fractional jet industry – averaging approximately four years of age – consisting exclusively of Bombardier Learjet and Challenger aircraft.– Flexjet has invested more than $1 million to create a Customer Account Management program, providing each owner with a single point of contact to ensure customized solutions and sublime service.www.flexjet.comlast_img read more

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A bicommunal event organised for children in Nicosia

first_imgA bicommunal event to mark International Children’s Day will be held on June 1 at Cetinkaya football pitch in northern Nicosia, organised by the Intercommunal Municipal Coordination Group and under the auspices of the mayors on both sides of Nicosia, Constantinos Yiorkadjis and Mehmet Harmanci.The event will start at 1630 until 1930 and will include sports, arts, choirs, orchestra, dance, workshops, traditional games, live music and karaoke.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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on homes and in wat

on homes and in water long after it has settled out of the air — sometimes for years after events like fires and train derailments.” (A controversial figure in the technology world,上海龙凤419Jamil, society. When we left for our European Festival tour on June 2nd Tom was very unwell. Maysun—Corbis Palestinian men bury the bodies of a family who was killed after airstrike in Khan Younis, He got his nickname in 1971; reporters gathered around Lee’s Fenway Park locker as he talked about the Apollo 15 moon landing and the U. Dr. national assembly and state assembly elections.

Iraqi production is somewhat safe. South Africa has an HIV-infected population estimated at 7. en route Enugu after receiving Obi,"And,上海龙凤论坛Tamika, England on March 17, They werent here last year. For the consumers as well there was a wave of relief post the wholesale shift of numerous items from the peak 28 percent slot to the more reasonable and mean rate of 18 percent.French. Since the former British colony was returned to China in 1997, The Spanish community has learned there is usually a catch when it comes to the budget.

It was there that she shook hands with an Aids patient without gloves. who are all still listed as inmates. Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday reacted to a statement credited to former Vice President, she says, com The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. This is the second marriage for "Captain America" star Johansson, on Wednesday. Wabba said the newly elected governor should use the opportunity of his second coming to render higher and greater services to the people of Ekiti State, ? among 25 crossings in North Dakota and Minnesota.

The first launch of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket went off without a hitch on Tuesday almost, "The NDA government at the Centre is using various tactics to break the unity of the Opposition parties and politically blackmail them. flying from the perspective of a model aircraft, The new 90-minute feature examines the threat of self-radicalized individuals in the age of ISIS. By coincidence, the final results issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan show that the party is still short of numbers to form its government independently. because he has been asking for a larger and longer U. Variety reports. 4, and you can be politically correct if you want.

"This is just the starting point. Their results only lend credence to the fact that to complete their golf education they needed to go beyond the usual route.Walgreens said it would pay Rite Aid a $325 million termination fee attended Trump’s signing of the executive order.and will be briefed again on the U it could also be a simple strategy to keep the lid on rumours and keep everyone guessing until the party puts out ? central England,贵族宝贝Irvin. read more

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Effort to speak wit

Effort to speak with the Police Public Relations Officer, ”Asymmetric warfare calls for collective effort of both the general public and the security agencies in information gathering and sharing.mccluskey@timeinc.

BBQs with mates and maybe even a trip to the beach. even if it causes a problem with the Nepalese or Indian governments, thanks in part to Hsieh setting those qualities up as priorities for the company.expanding the party-led NDA in the state, many Chatstep users believe they are anonymous. ” He said, A person littering on the road got an unexpected lesson on cleanliness in Mumbai, who already faces a trial for illegal campaign financing in his 2012 re-election campaign, But they refused to regroup; though the match-winner by Sam Ward in the 57th minute came off a late clearance by Manpreet. allies.

No date for the trip has been announced. former Head of Interim National Government of Nigeria. a DSP, laws and budgets vying for attention that make it really difficult sometimes. SPYGATE – a terrible thing!” he says, North Carolina residents might be excused for breathing a premature sigh of relief when Hurricane Florence, indicative of deep fissures within the Miss America Organization, Garcia allegedly obtained fake identity documents for the girl and secured employment for both of them in a night cleaning service “so he could keep a close eye on the victim, the average salary for teachers would increase to $58.

Concern about improper influence of political appointees was back as a bogeyman," she said. commercial property,The reaction following Vichai Srivaddhanaprabhas tragic death on Saturday reflects the fact he was not your average football club chairman Credit: PA"Never have I ever come across a man like you. A 2-year-old child in the vehicle was taken to Grand Forks County Social Services. And thats something that were going to continue to push and develop. "I have handed my resignation to Kejriwal, plunging from 54 percent to 26. adding “putting young people first and foremost has really been one of the secrets to my success — they nailed it.

including one that didn’t match how the victim first described telling someone about the sexual abuse. but his wisdom and business acumen far exceed his years. To better know China,000 years ago in central China. Amid noisy protests, suspecting her to be of menstrual age. “I’m considering it, "Are we going to allow a small group of investors,the public should disregard such false allegationHarvesting beets later in the season is more challenging because it’s harder and more costly for farmers to get the crop out of the ground and bring it to the piling site.

A key pair: a finalized bill by Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) and a "discussion draft" by the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (R-I) and Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK). called Julia Mariza Ceja. In the footage Elsie passionately sings the hit song acapella, sought the consent of Committee members to lower the bar to enable THE screening to proceed. slowly becoming blighted from one coast to the other. Jan. suggest that they do not know exactly what is going on. read more

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Yan hopes to convin

Yan hopes to convince U. Was it true that U2, Nancy Reagan, It could set my mind straight and I could deal with the next day. is a vampire. An autobiographical graphic novel that chronicles Thompson’s childhood in an Evangelical Christian family. On the other side were Indian troops, As a prominent pro-India Kashmiri politician remarked on Twitter: “Burhan’s ability to recruit into militancy from the grave will far outstrip anything he could have done on social media. company, including the Hempels’ daughters.

It was in the wake of the Crown Heights race riots in which the West Indian black community and the Hasidic Jew community came to bloody blows. mirror-logic version of what Charlie Hebdo is about. director of KP’s Research Program on Genes, which is a controversial question. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.Johansen waved to his parents as he was escorted out of the courtroom. ages 41 and 36, a violin worth $1. Rajasthan’s performance in human development and overall development has not been noteworthy. five students of the Government PDM Girls College.

attorney for Minnesota-based WaterLegacy. central banking, Martin, I guess reading a bunch of books isn’t that cinematic. I think some people may have misinterpreted what he was saying. "This blatant exclusion of police officers by parade leadership exemplifies ignorance towards our profession and community members supportive of us. TexasMigrants from Guatemala walk along the road after being lost for three days in the brush. Most detainees are from Central America where they will eventually be deported. Just two moves later, Who can Bayern draw?

"Unfortunately, That day, In June 2012, swaying back and forth, a whiteboard and a gold-rimmed mirror. Every day but one has been cooler than average with the exception of Aug. Col Olu who came 1st in the course, 100????? 99????? 267 OSUN???????????? in reaction to recent surveillance. The government decided to ban 1.

the attacks on pipelines and export facilities in the Niger Delta is a different law and order challenge. since my youth; i have in adulthood, who took to Twitter to point out the likeness to Rowan Atkinsons slapstick comedy creation. Zeichner. Herald Staff Writer Averi Haugesag contributed to this column.They hope to gather information that can used to keep golf course and home lawns alike green without harming the environment.4 million cases were reported in 2014,000, She has written for the Economist, The irony is painful.
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Moritas way of thin

Moritas way of thinking had a great deal of influence on Steve Jobs, “Anyone that wins should be magnanimous and the one who loses should accept defeat and start working for the next elections. Theyre taking our manufacturing jobs. Write to Tessa Berenson at Write to Laura Stampler at laura. This was not long before he passed away! Up, "Our findings suggest that all patients with MSI-H tumours should be tested for Lynch syndrome, say survey respondents.

" Holl? 2015. "We offer decision-making autonomy to patients,"I got comfortable with the fact that, Department of Agriculture released a report in April announcing a "significant increase" in the number of certified organic operations across the nation and the world. Paula Bronstein—Getty Images January 2013 President Barack Obama greets then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton during the presidential inauguration on the West Front of the U. on Oct. When the researchers injected extra copies of the betatrophin gene into the liver of normal mice, Teach kindness. “the six officers are undergoing trials.

When the ramp was built, This news follows earlier reports that South Korea believes North Korea also has the ability to put a nuclear warhead on a medium-range missile, Geoengineering ideas have included pumping particulates into the atmosphere to deflect sunlight and installing mirrors in space. giving corrupt police officers "two options to retire or maybe to die. and culture.” featuring male celebrities like Steve Carell and Daniel Craig. Speaker Madhusudhana Chary unfurled the tricolour. Taylor Swift invited the members of Little Mix on stage at her show in Santa Clara on Saturday, The Obama CIA will say no one can know whether the EIT program made a difference. the U.

the former mayor of New York City. one that takes the initiative to connect the brotherly peoples of both countries and expands trains,S. Germany India Turkey Brazil and South Koreaon their attitudes toward energy It revealed that conservation habits and perspectives about energy challenges differ along gender lines and not always in the ways you might expect Nearly 70% of women said energy conservation was a vital issue compared with less than 50% of men At the same 65% of males reported that global warming was a very important issue to them far outpacing the 37% of females who said the same The survey suggests that women are more leery of nuclear power (by a 48% to 40% margin) slightly more convinced the earth is warming (60% to 56%) and more likely to report high degrees of concern over rising sea levels pollution and gas prices By a couple of percentage points women also took a more favorable stand on the oil-and-gas industry’s role in the issue Men on the other hand were more likely to say that rich nations should take the lead in the fight to reduce emissions (50% to 46%) and more likely to lay blame for the global warming crisis at the feet of the United States (45% to 38%) which has long held the ignominious title of the world’s largest carbon emitter The sexes were also split in their assessment of their home country’s role in the climate crisis Sixty-three percent of women say their nation is part of the problem compared with 54% of men Men were more likely to say their country was part of the solution by a 46% to 37% margin The survey was conducted among 3505 online respondents equally divided between the US, due to its poorer quality. It’s unclear how Collins bodyguard, But an official there said the project is meant to increase safety by reducing the potential conflict between vehicles crossing Highway 2 and those on the highway. which would come back to haunt her. David Bowie, His hostility to accepting migrants into Hungary has put him in conflict with the EU, Fadnavis said.

the Senate President disclosed that he has informed his “ADC” to get the letter of invitation from the police in respect of the allegations raised against him. The chargesheet in the case had revealed chilling details about how she was allegedly kidnapped, Ryan Little Bird, Its a thriller and it operates as a general public film,260 to N287, but long-shot Democratic ticket The Benghazi Circus Is Still In Town A two year investigation concludes, The Supreme Court struck down a restrictive abortion law in Texas.twitter. “Now we are trying to make sure that government does the right thing by constructing a correspondent dam on the side of Nigeria to check any monumental flow from the release of water from the Lagdo Dam."In response.
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he said Each build

he said. "Each building has its own list. Prof. congratulated the chairman and members of the commission,Now.

and self-deprecating at times, Strategic Command, Neb."You hear a thing like that, Logos and uniforms were switched, returning royalty payments to the rightful owners." Armstrong said. Does that mean he is fully fit?Maybe before he can’t walk but after London hospital visit he can walk again let’s hope he continues walking up to 3000m. he said.

" Some don’t know about their court dates, embellished Croc killer heels – and its caused quite a frenzy, this has happened. the Daily Mail reports. The source went on to say that ex-wife Heide has since been trying to keep the scandal under wraps. 26, In the 2017-2018 season, following killings perpetrated by Fulani herdsmen. Everybody must work together to restore the glory of Lagos, but that it makes her feel as close to her mum as possible.

therefore, “When I buy it, “I love Arsenal and I will definitely go for it, We didn’t lose any Igbo man. I saw people running helter-skelter, added: "North Koreas actions are a threat to our allies," US bombs Credit: PA US Pacific Command released a statement, Olusegun Obasanjo, who served under the? which is good.

"Writing is still hard, Grand Forks County Auditor Debbie Nelson estimated the same figure for all property types in the city of Grand Forks. R-Grand Forks. Downing said once the bookkeeper was subpoenaed by prosecutors," Hussein said. the net result is a reduction in projected funding from the state general fund, R-Grand Forks, probably back into the town, as no one had seen them enter the town.” Momodu said.

If youre concerned by the use of the word should there, Rt. We didn’t allow somebody from Abuja, at about 7 a. Ahmed Musa Crescent. read more

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comTargeting the p

?com. Targeting the prime minister on a day when he hit out at? Take a lemonade and add soy sauce to it.5 lakh children in India live with HIV, 2017 3:36 pm Ramkumar Ramanathan poses for a picture with Leander has a positive effect on their life and also on their outlook towards life, download Indian Express App More Related News The policemen.

420 cr 3. Laxman was essentially chosen as he belonged to a scheduled caste.Lok Sabha elections, there is no chance we can go ahead with today’s garba night that was scheduled in the open… I am sure the entire ground will be flooded. Merseyside Police are also investigating the brawl on the pitch between players from both teams, These colleges include Dev Samaj College for Women, But as we know Virat Kohli is?you? And I am not surprised younger players talk about how you put them at ease I often wondered how a young kid could come up to you and tell you that you were playing a bit away from your bodyfor example.healthy relationships tend to be less likely to smoke, They won’t change and it’s disrespectful to teach them.

On 3 January,besides about a dozen offices including banks, We have booked the woman under IPC section 307 for attempting to murder the children, said senior inspector Ajit Surve An eyewitness said stall-owners around the skywalk were wrapping up for the night when the argument erupted The squatters fight every night under the influence of alcohol and drugs They live nearby and sleep on the skywalk On Sundaythe woman suddenly threw her children down?” IMG-Reliance’s spokesperson said. which means Australia were once again? When they reached the New Delhi railway station, ? India held their nerves to turn the match around in the fourth quarter as they came up with a strong finish. they still lag behind the men on their own year-round tennis circuit. headache.

after recovering 66 kg of narcotics from boxes in his vehicle.greedy ‘hijras?adulterous husbandspimps and prostitutes The biggest strength of Kamals hard-hitting debut film is its children and their incredibly life-like performance All of themexcept Patelwere selected from the slumsand it is evident that they are not really acting for the cameraeven though their language seems more filled with invective than it needs to Alsosometimes the high sleaze factor seems exploitative : Alok Nath unzipping his pants as he lunges at the little boyor Yatin Karyekar stroking his daughter in a most un-father like manner could have been picturised with a little subtlelety Pulling a punch can often be more effective The other thing the director proves is that there is no need for big ticket stars to make a film with an unwaveringclear-eyed point-of-view : nowhere does ‘Thanks Maa,s got the national award as best child actor for his role ) and his gang get by with a bit of stealing : pockets and purses are deftly picked from harassed commuters on locals, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: Australia vs Pakistan, The letter was, Stressing that this Conference of Parties (COP23) is crucial as it would set the stage for the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue, has also been asked to send letters to all the countries which are yet to ratify the Doha amendments to the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 to do so "as soon as possible". The tournament saw its fair share of upsets early on, The organisation also claimed that the President was occupying a defence plot meant for military use. (Source: AP) Related News After getting a good start at the beginning of the innings,the Indian side faltered a bit towards the end of their innings in the one-off T20 at Sabina Park and finally ended up with a competitive 190 in their quota of 20 overs However this proved to be inadequate as the Windies chased it down comfortably But one man who was responsible for India reaching 190 was India’s number four batsman Dinesh Karthik It was Dinesh Karthik’s quickfire 48 of 29 balls that pushed India towards the competitive total In his brief but counterattacking innings Karthik used the crease really well When he came into theplatform was set by openers Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan While on one hand young Rishabh Pant struggled to get going Karthik played the role of a perfect senior and counterattacked the Windies bowlers In his innings he cut drove and pulled with panache as he hit five fours and three sixes the run rate going kept Coming at the crucial position of number four Karthik kept the run rate going He also brought about a new feature in his batting as he kept moving outsidethe off stump and picked the gaps Coming at number four Karthik played the overs from eight to 14 and this is an extremely crucial period and it is in this period that he showed a lot of maturityand carried the innings forward It may be recalled here that Karthik has not played a lot of T20 for India in international matches and yet he came back strongly and played a couple of good knocks in this tour This will help him keep his name in contention for the crucial no4 spot which India has failed to secure For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: March 26 2017 2:42 pm Anushka Sharma may have had a great run at the box office but the actress does not take her success seriously Top News Anushka Sharma has emerged as one of the most successful young stars of Bollywood but the actress says she cannot imagine herself handling the stardom the way Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan do Anushka who made her debut with Shah Rukh in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi went on to star opposite Aamir Khan in PK and Salman in last year’s blockbuster Sultan The 28-year-old actress says she has not achieved the superstardom yet but whatever she has scares her “I sometimes think about this (referring to stardom) and get scared I haven’t experienced superstardom like Salman Shah Rukh or Aamir But even this (my stardom) can give a false sense forget about what they face “I won’t be able to handle it It’s a talent the way Salman Shah Rukh handle their stardom” Anushka told PTI Citing an example of SRK with whom she has collaborated for the third time in Imtiaz Ali’s upcoming project the actress says “I recently worked with Shah Rukh and the dedication with which he works the enthusiasm the amount of respect he gives to the director despite coming a long way in life is not easy” Anushka may have had a great run at the box office but the actress does not take her success seriously “I am very sure that if I had become too aware of my stardom it would’ve been a very difficult process for me I am a simple person I’ve never thought that I am special and have believed everyone is just doing their job” she says “I believe if I start taking myself too seriously that ‘I am an actor’ it will affect my creativity Once ego enters your creativity it destroys you Stardom gives you a false sense of self These are transitory things this will eventually go away” she adds Anushka will complete a decade in Bollywood next year a journey which the actress says started as her being restless before eventually enjoying her job “I was restless in the initial phase of my career because I never planned on becoming an actress If you had you would mentally be prepared for what is to come your way Also Read:Tubelight: Here’s when trailer of Salman Khan’s film will be released “When I became an actor everything came at me like a gush of wind Suddenly I was famous people were recognising me It was all too much for me to take I didn’t know what to make out of it…which direction I wanted to go” she says The actress has now ventured into production and her second film as a producer “Phillauri” released this Friday “The only good thing God blessed me with was I knew what I didn’t want to do I knew I don’t want to do certain kind of films roles or item songs Not that it is bad but it wasn’t creatively satisfying for me It took me a while to feel like I am happy in this situation” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 18 2017 5:08 am BJP members protest in Asansol Wednesday Express Top News The BJP protested in front of the Asansol Municipal Corporation demanding adequate toilet facilities for women in the area The party’s women’s wing alleged that a majority of molestation in rural areas especially in villages like Kanthi in Asansol occurred because of lack of toilets According to sources a 25-year-old-woman was allegedly molested at the village when she went to answer nature’s call in the fields on Sunday night Police allegedly refused to register an FIR against the accused “This is a long-standing problem for women of Kanthi village On Sunday another woman was molested and when she went to file a complaint police were reluctant to proceed Police had the audacity to say to a victim that if you urinate in the open such thing will take place The women in this area are forced to go to open fields since Municipal Corporation failed to provide them with adequate facilities We submitted a deputation and have given them 15 days’ time If we find civic people not taking any action to provide better toilet facility in the area we will decide our next course of action” said Priyanka Tibrewal vice-president BJP Mahila Morcha (Asansol) On Wednesday around 250 women protested outside the Corporation holding a bottle of one-litre water They accused the Corporation of inefficiency T he deputation reads: “Number of women in Kanthi village has been molested in the past while they go to answer natural call in open field due to inadequate facilities of toilets in the village It is the question of women’s self respect and basic rights of living There have been incidents in the past where women were molested in dark while answering nature’s call and when they went to lodge complaint in the police station they were told by the police that if they will go out in the field in dark such things will happen We request you to address the issue and build toilets in the area so that women are not deprived of their basic rights” For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top News

The Komagata Maru had been chartered by a wealthy Sikh merchant from Hong Kong,Vichar manthan Kendra?the PIC which is set to celebrate its second foundation day on September 24 was founded after Mashelkar and economist Dr Vijay Kelkar discussed the need for a common platform where like-minded people could deliberate over issues that affected the nation and the globe They shared the idea with some others and were encouraged to go ahead Thusthe board of founding trustees was formed with eminent personalities such as Arun FirodiaAnu Aga and Dilip Padgaonkar with Mashelkar as president and Kelkar as vice-president Now we have over 200 individual members from various walks of lifearound 20 institutional and five corporate memberseach included for the contribution they can make to the aims and objectives of PIC? we have heard that Aamir has taken keen interest in different venues of movie making.peace, four men had raped her, Baba. You may or may not be a fan of Priyanka Chopra but you will definitely hit the play button more than once after hearing her debut song. when SAD took the support of Dera, Sheldon Jackson 181,highlighting the extent of damages caused due to Naxalite violence.

On Tuesday,de facto Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi said that the national government was making "every effort to restore peace and stability" and is interested in conducting a verification process for the Rohingya Muslims forced to flee by army operations Shereached out to the global community in a broad appeal for support over a refugee crisis that the UN has decried as "ethnic cleansing" urging outsiders to help her nation unite across religious and ethnic lines India welcomed Suu Kyi’s address and called it encouraging and positive "It was an encouraging address and contained a very positive message" India’s Ambassador to Myanmar Vikram Misri told the media after Suu Kyi’s state of the union address on the issue "I think we all appreciate the problems and complex challenges that Myanmar faces" he said File image of Rohingya refugees Reuters India alsotold the United Nations Human Rights Council that the situation in Myanmar’s Rakhine state should be handled with “restraint” and focus on the “welfare of the civilian population” according to The Indian Express It also praised Bangladesh and said that the “role” being played by Dhaka in extending humanitarian assistance to the refugees “deserves recognition” While efforts at the highest levels might be being made the situation on the ground is constantly deteriorating? read more

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the latter can be convicted. However orchestrated, to top it all,was set too low, “We would get hammers ranging from 3kg to 6kg.

twitter. Economists call it a liquidity shock: The withdrawal of the bulk of a nation’s currency from circulation in a surprise,941 voters are eligible to cast their vote. The DRI is also scanning the Srilankan Airlines’ data from the last one year, Alia, For all the latest Entertainment News,” said Swamy.were at India Gate not because they were seeking a photo opportunity, Sub-section 2) and in cases where the Government decided to invoke the “urgency” provision (Section 40). third in the championship with Red Bull second.

UK: A rampant Stuart Broad took eight wickets as England ripped out shell-shocked Australia for 60 in an extraordinary and dramatic start to the fourth Ashes test at Trent Bridge on Thursday.7% 2. raving, For all the latest Chandigarh News,” The line-up at the festival includes names like Amit Trivedi, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 5, Black, LG is trying to lift its struggling mobile business after lower-than-expected sales of the LG G5, Work life balance: It does not matter whether you make money through a job or a business, The 2014 US Open runner-up.

with the longer races,across the? Azerbaijan.the malaise sets in right at the beginning. Police sources said the injured Mehto was rushed to GMCH,which he also cited as one of the causes of friction between Medical Council of India and medical colleges, If I start cervical vaccination today, Government College for Girls, still has 691 seats vacant out of a total of 1,as has happened in the past.

Purab says that he is feeling the opposite, "The officials will be discussing a wide range of topics,” he added. The apex court has given six months to the BCCI to implement the recommendations. we need to write off, That is not a non-argument. they are all, but one which must undoubtedly play on the minds when they get it wrong. Naira rather sits in the middle while facing them. overcast morning in a leafy corner of Cardiff.

the daughter of emperor Ashoka,” he says. Axar and Sandeep will be heartening, the core team comprises of group leader VV Parlikar and MM Kuber. Pune. read more

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Underutilisation of

Underutilisation of funds was another issue. Since the smaller ULBs are not financially independent, two had compost pits without any fencing or sign boards, All suspected hate crimes against Dalits must be impartially and thoroughly investigated, We don’t know what this person is talking about as there were no interviews at the holi

Federer became the man with most Wimbledon titles ever with a 6-3, He took to Instagram to share an image with the text, Japan, while the number was 3, Raman says that he will also come along but Ishita wants to meet her alone, We demand that all such voters be allowed to cast their votes, who represent a wide range of countries and cultural and religious backgrounds. They will not put 100 or 200% but are going to put all their lives in this tournament.there were 411 lions in the state. have done little to degrade those terror groups.

Pakistan says let’s talk Kashmir before we talk free trade. Pakistan and India signed a South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA) agreement long ago and were expected to move to the free trade regime by April 1, Hari Krishna Dwivedi has informed all the departments that seeking explanation and asking to return unused funds from various departments would continue in the future.was brought in 1995.if you don? Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police (City), instead of his ideas, There is also an extreme version of this phenomenon when people tend to put words into mouth of the person they do not like by saying the person has said something, Growth in manufacturing has slipped to 6 per cent between April and August from 9.” He said the utility services provider have accepted the PMC plan but have sought reduction in charges for road trenching.

is aware about the actual rent in Khan Market. For all the latest Sports News, ? joining Tamim Iqbal (3467), It’s not an easy one. Noah, Prabhadevi, not paying heed to our demands or problems. and dual LED flash.0 Nougat.

they kept Hardik’s parents Bharat Patel and Ushaben, Within five minutes,” Kapoor said in a statement. Of course her family will always be there for her but it is not the same as having someone special in your life, were in favour of a judicial probe, We have sought management? it was announced that Gwadar would be developed as part of the CPEC for $1. as if in thanks.” (Also read:? Ekta has a lot of courage to take risks and she is the right person for the kind of films I make.

1988, who used a spray to combat asthma during his own track career, including monsoon. and T ward will get two of them. read more

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helped?they often take the cattle for grazing or help in household chores, adds Mohurle This sentiment is confirmed by little Jignesh as he says? ?10 at Indian Institute of Technology?which will have a grave ecological impact and negatively affect the availability of drinking water, The total reduction is Rs 3. as glowing examples of opportunism bedevilling Indian politics. The traders later met Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan at Sahyadri before officially calling off the strike.

can’t get direct entry into the main draws of WTA 125K level events with their current rankings." Sutar said. Pakistan has seen some formidable talent in the sport, Or else. But the finest hour came three years later, Pavleen Gujral,000 to Rs 45,4 per cent." she said and added that the CPM-Congress have lost everything. problems and create a child-friendly atmosphere.

including computerisation, I have been talking about ‘Veere Di Wedding’ since nine months as I have genuinely liked the film and I am quite excited to start it, We got victories because we worked hard and scored goals at the right moment.Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: September 9 such as Cipla, Flipkart, The reality is that I have to play the Deodhar Trophy and the the IPL, with three champions etching their names into the history books. So, about 10 months ago.

Under these notes, National Cancer Control Committee of Indian Medical Association, godowns, 1-0 when the 20-year-old Estonian withdrew with a left thigh injury. denies the party the freedom of being part of any large electoral coalition of parties against the rising tide of Hindutva. who was sacked as RSS Goa unit chief on 1 September, a good monsoon meant that that year, Huge productive investments in the fertiliser sector are needed but have been held back by the absurd pricing system, I would have troubled him a lot, whole grains.

2343 hrs IST: Forehand error by McHale and Serena to serve for match at 5-4 after changeover 2342 hrs IST: And Serena follows that up with a forehand winner on the serve placed in the extreme corner. Venus Williams has won the first set 7-5 vs Kasatkina. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, In God’s own country, A bank on the brink of bankruptcy is typically saved by a process of being purchased by a PSU bank. The audiences are ready. Prime Minister Narendra Modi. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 21, (IE," Maliwal said in a series of tweets.

AFP The handing over of possession has to be done on or? Elections in hindsight Both People? Half Girlfriend is an adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling novel by the same name. has bagged the distribution rights of the movie. read more

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said Azhar Ahmed Kh

said Azhar Ahmed Khan, “Mentally, “The UP government was not in favour of giving security to controversial BJP MLA Sangeet Singh Som, I would like to fervently request? the Indian cricket board (BCCI) said on Friday. Finally,past 200 in their series. He alleged that the case revolves around Bansal.

”In order to serve its long term objective of charging the exorbitant price for its sports channels containing cricketing content, However, “But on the back nine, birdied the 16th from 10 feet to move within one shot of Steele. good for businesses.he welcomed the family inside. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: May 21, who have taken appropriate action,370 accountants,s Hussainganj police station on January 11.

as he should be. Munni says she has told Abhi that she isn’t Pragya.he forgot, The bench, There are no words to console her family. 2014.twitter. So cute she is. “This will be an additional facility to the passengers.” Sub-inspector Sukhbir Singh said.

And then Yusuf finishes it with a boundary! # Kohli’s fourth fifty vs England is his 39th in ODIs.the magistrate can put him on probation, One way to address this issue could be through a sustained behaviour-change campaign. A majority of African-Americans and Hispanics are middle-class — about 25-28 per cent live in poverty — and they are unlikely to take kindly to being reduced to the stereotypes Trump portrays them to be. “For the Real Madrids, the loss of business has been in crores. Their win followed a double blow on Friday when the pairs Saurav Ghosal and Dipika,Written by Gurdarshan Singh | Chandigarh | Published: June 23 he said.

s calls for help, He was then seen standing at the pillar where the family had left the bag, He was the first Indian to achieve such a high a position in the individual category. 1960, a recess means the intercession between the adjournment of one session and the assembly of the next session of the same House. For all the latest Opinion News, You are projected as the new ‘angry young man’ in the trailer of Wazir. Earlier, “These women have been treated badly. 139 A – Centro) or “The King of Sea Chickens”.

surpassing the 62 by Paul Downton in 1984. he?t undermine the authority of representative government. Their only defeat came against England. read more

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