The top ten games made possible by Kickstarter

first_imgEver since Double Fine announced their Kickstarter campaign, then met their goal in eight hours, then blew past their goal by almost $3 million, the fundraising site has been one of the biggest movements in gaming.Double Fine’s project certainly wasn’t the first game to show up on Kickstarter, but its wild success inspired a string of developers to seek funding directly from their audience. In a time when production costs have never been so high, Kickstarter lets developers work without fear of a financial bomb, while also letting die-hard fans be a part of the games they love.Looking at the top ten most funded Kickstarter games, you see lots of risks being taken, like old franchises being pulled out of retirement and young studios trying to make their first titles — and all of it is being made possible by backing from fans. Here’s a quick look at those top ten in reverse order, and what made each intriguing enough to meet its goal.Republique – $555,622 of $500,000 goalNote: Since this writing, Tex Murphy: Project Fedora has jumped to the #8 spot, pushing Republique out of the top ten.Half a million dollars may sound like a lot to develop a mobile game (and that’s only half the budget), but developer Camoflaj has big goals for their debut project: AAA quality, cutting edge graphics, real-time cinematics, and full voiceovers. Republique takes place in a 1984-style totalitarian state, where a trapped young woman named Hope makes a desperate phone call for help. Players must keep Hope alive (see what they did there?) by hacking into the nation’s surveillance system to scout her surroundings, slam doors on her pursuers, and call elevators so she can get around. The narrative setup should create some really gripping puzzles that combine communicating with Hope and manipulating her environment.Yogventures! – $567,665 of $250,000 goalAs you might guess from the name, Yogventures! is a project from the people behind the Yogscast YouTube channel. The team has spent a fair amount of time making videos in Minecraft, so it’s no surprise that their game is grounded in the idea of a vast, randomly generated, and highly shapeable world.So while you can expect to see the familiar Yogscast characters built in to Yogventures!, almost everything about the experience will be changeable and moddable. Yogscast and their partner Winterkewl Games are aiming to go beyond Minecraft’s blocky charm to a smoother, more stylized aesthetic, but without sacrificing all the exploring, building, and crafting of an open adventure world.Carmageddon: Reincarnation – $625,143 of $400,000 goalIn 1997, developer Stainless Games released the original Carmageddon, a violent vehicular combat game for the PC. The title was a financial success, and had a number of groundbreaking features, but when Stainless parted ways with their publisher they lost the rights to it. Since then the company has been focusing on creating downloadable titles like Risk: Factions and Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers, but recently they reacquired the rights to Carmageddon and are eager to bring it back.Carmageddon: Reincarnation is already under development, and it’s a complete reboot of everything players loved about the original — just with 15 years worth of graphics and physics engine improvements.Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded – $655,182 of $500,000 goalContinuing the “modern remake of a once-popular but long-abandoned game series” trend, developer Replay Games is rebooting the sexually-themed Leisure Suit Larry franchise, backed by creator Al Lowe and a number of the original developers.No longer constrained by the whims of a publisher, Replay is hoping to remake the original game with not only updated 2D graphics, but also more jokes, more puzzles, and animated cutscenes. The game’s classic point-and-click stylings should be a natural fit for the mobile platforms it’s planned for.The Banner Saga – $723,886 of $100,000 goalThe Banner Saga’s most obvious virtue is its gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic and motion-captured animations, but it’s got a lot going for it beyond the visuals. The studio behind the game was founded by three former Star Wars: The Old Republic developers, who aspire (as you might expect from that pedigree) to tell a deep, mature story full of meaningful decisions and consequences. It also doesn’t hurt that the game’s score is being composed by Austin Wintory, who’s gotten a lot of praise for his work on the PSN-exclusive Journey.Zombicide – $781,597 of $20,000 goalThe Left4Dead games proved that zombies bring people together, even when tearing them apart. Zombicide takes that idea and drops it onto the tabletop, where 1-6 players control a group of survivors working together in urban environments. But unlike the Left4Dead games, Zombicide isn’t just about pushing forward and occasionally holding your ground; sometimes players will need to go on the offensive and take the fight to the undead, giving the gameplay a natural ebb and flow.The game’s comic book visual style is rounded out by some very detailed miniatures, which include multiple variations for even basic zombie types — a nice touch.Ogre – $923,680 of $20,000 goalIf you play board/card games on a regular basis, you’re probably familiar with Steve Jackson games, or at least their popular Munchkin series. So why does such a successful developer need a Kickstarter campaign? The company is looking to honor Steve’s first design, the futuristic war game Ogre, with a massive 14-pound “Designer’s Edition.”Since the new release will be expensive to produce, the company used the Kickstarter as a way to gauge interest and sell pre-orders, something they normally don’t do. Thanks to getting enough donations to meet their stretch goals, Steve Jackson Games announced that they’ll be able to double the originally planned play area.Shadowrun Returns – $1,836,447 of $400,000 goalThe cyberpunk/fantasy world of Shadowrun has appeared on a wide variety of platforms over the years, but it started life as a pen-and-paper RPG designed by Jordan Weisman in 1989. Now Weisman and his new company, Harebrained Schemes, are planning to bring the franchise back once more, this time to PCs, Macs, and tablets.Despite the modern platforms, Harebrained wants the game to do right by the original version and its fans. The turn-based gameplay will allow players to get the most out of the four character types (Street Samurai, Combat Mages, Hackers/Deckers, and Shaman), each of which have a different view of the world’s magical/technological overlappings. The developers also plan to release their level editor when the game launches, ensuring that Shadowrun Returns is a place where anyone can tell a story.Wasteland 2 – $2,933,252 of $900,000 goalBefore there was Fallout, there was Wasteland, the 1998 post-apocalyptic RPG that inspired it. But unlike Bethesda’s recent first-person takes on Fallout, inXile entertainment wants to revisit Wasteland while holding to the game’s top-down, turn-based, party-based tactical roots.Old hands from the original game and the first two Fallout titles are on board to make sure Wasteland 2 is a faithful exercise: Brian Fargo, executive producer of both Wasteland and Fallout; Alan Pavlish and Mike Stackpole, Wasteland’s primary designers; and Mark Morgan, who composed the music for Fallout 1 and 2.Double Fine Adventure – $3,336,371 of $400,000 goalComing full circle, the project that really got the ball rolling on using Kickstarter to fund game development remains at the top of the list with $3.3 million. Since the working title Double Fine Adventure is fairly nondescript, we know less about this game than any of the other top ten. But to fans of classic point-and-click adventure games, the only two development details that matter are Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer — two LucasArts veterans who know the genre as well as anyone in the business.Whatever Double Fine Adventure turns out to be, expect it to be something special, but ultimately its legacy will be sparking a trend that gave many other games a chance at success.last_img read more

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Barack Obama considère liPad et les consoles de jeux comme un danger

first_imgBarack Obama considère l’iPad et les consoles de jeux comme un danger pour l’informationÉtats-Unis – Barack Obama a fait part de sa méfiance vis-à-vis des nouvelles technologies, estimant que l’iPad comme les consoles de jeux exercent une véritable “pression” sur l’information et la démocratie.Le président américain ne voit pas d’un bon œil le développement des nouvelles technologies qu’il considère comme une diversion à l’information. Lors d’un discours qu’il a prononcé devant des étudiants de l’université d’Hampton, Barack Obama a en effet déclaré : “Avec les iPod, les iPad, les Xbox et PlayStation, dont j’ignore le fonctionnement, l’information devient une distraction, une diversion, une forme d’amusement plutôt qu’un outil d’épanouissement ou un moyen d’émancipation”.Critiquant certains médias, et notamment les blogs et stations de radio qui permettent à “certaines informations les plus folles” d’être rapidement relayées et amplifiées, Barack Obama se dit inquiet de voir les jeunes entrer dans un “monde où nous sommes bombardés d’informations en continu sur toutes sortes de sujets et qui nous exposent à toutes sortes d’argumentaires dont la véracité de certains est pour le moins douteuse”.Le président américain estime que cette surenchère de l’information, permise en grande partie par Internet, exerce une véritable pression sur chacun d’entre nous, mais aussi sur la démocratie.Ce n’est pas la première fois que Barack Obama met en garde les étudiants contre les nouvelles technologies. Il y a quelques mois, il avait en effet profité d’une visite au lycée d’Arlington, près de Washington, pour recommander aux jeunes de ne pas publier n’importe quoi sur le réseau social Facebook.Le 11 mai 2010 à 16:08 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Relive the Full Strawberry Moon With These Stunning Images

first_imgStay on target The full Strawberry Moon rising past NYC’s 42nd Street #Moonhenge— Max Guliani (@maximusupinNYc) June 29, 2018 Missed this week’s Full Strawberry Moon? The Internet’s got your back.Social media is brimming with photographic evidence of the colorful celestial event.Appearing “opposite” the Sun (in Earth-based longitude), the celestial body rose late on Wednesday, or in the week hours of Thursday, depending on your time zone.June’s full Moon got its name from Algonquin tribes, who, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, knew it as the signal to gather ripening fruit. It is also known as the Honey Moon and Mead Moon.But while Earth’s satellite won’t turn the deep red of its namesake, this does mark the most colorful the Moon gets all year (unless you’re lucky enough to catch the Blood Moon during a total lunar eclipse).Check out some of our favorite Full Strawberry Moon images, captured beautifully this week by pros and amateurs across the world: Tonight’s Full Strawberry Moon | Preston, Lancashire#strawberrymoon #fullmoon #stormhour #thephotohour— Sonia Bashir (@SoniaBashir_) June 28, 2018 Rare Harvest Moon Will Light Up Night Sky on Friday the 13thIndia Finds Lost Vikram Lander on Moon’s Surface Strawberry Moonrise video behind @Ely_Cathedral tonight, a little clearer than last night #StrawberryMoon @SpottedInEly @ElyIslandPie @visitely @thisiselycambs @HeartCambs @EastCambs @BBCWthrWatchers @ChrisPage90 @lizzieweather @JonestheNews @BBCLookEast @itvanglia— Andrew Sharpe (@SharpeImages_UK) June 28, 2018According to NASA, the first full Moon following the summer solstice (which just occurred on June 21) shines more brightly through the atmosphere than at other times of year, giving it a rosy hue. The 2018 Strawberry Moon was particularly exciting, as it arrived during Saturn’s annual “opposition”—the day Earth passes between the Sun and the ringed planet.Thought to have formed some 4.51 billion years ago from debris left over after an impact between Earth and a Mars-sized body called Theia, the Moon is the second-brightest regularly visible celestial object—after the sun.While the Moon itself does not radiate light, its dark surface reflects the sun’s rays at various times of day, making it a convenient timepiece; some of the earliest calendars were based on the Moon’s periods of waxing and waning.Keep up with the rest of the lunar year by following The Old Farmer’s Almanac‘s Full Moon calendar:July 27 @ 4:22 p.m. ET: Full Buck MoonAug. 26 @ 7:58 a.m. ET: Full Sturgeon MoonSept. 24 @ 10:54 p.m. ET: Full Corn MoonOct. 24 @ 12:47 p.m. ET: Full Hunter’s MoonNov. 23 @ 12:41 a.m. ET: Full Beaver MoonDec. 22 @ 12:50 p.m. ET: Full Cold MoonNext month’s Full Buck Moon is set to coincide with a total lunar eclipse—the second one this year. Primarily visible from the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia), the Blood Micro Moon eclipse will be the longest of the 21st century, lasting approximately 103 minutes.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Landing halts trading as stocks plummet Chairman out of reach

first_img Landing International rejects links to company found using IP to promote cryptocurrency Two Landing directors voted out, Chairman Yang sneaks back in RelatedPosts Hong Kong-listed Landing International Development Ltd was forced to issue a trading halt on Thursday after its stock price plummeted 35% in less than two hours.In a filing to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company said that it was unaware of any specific reason for the plunge but added it had been unable to contact its majority shareholder Yang Zhihui throughout the day. Yang holds a 50.48% stake in Landing through his wholly-owned company and is also Chairman of the board. Pacific Online says operators still in dark as government confirms 21,000 Philippines lottery outlets closed Load More Shares opened at HK$5.60 at 09:00 on Thursday but by 10:52 had fallen to HK$3.71 when trading was halted.“The board of directors of the company noted the fluctuation in the price and trading volume of shares of the company on 23 August 2018 and confirmed that the company has been unable to contact or reach Mr Yang Zhihui,” Landing said in an announcement.“The company is making attempts to contact Mr Yang.”Landing International Chairman Dr Yang ZhihuiHowever, Landing added that as far as it was aware, “the business operations and financial positions of the group are normal. In addition, since the day-to-day business operation and management of the group has been undertaken by the group’s senior management team, the board currently does not expect that the temporary absence of Mr Yang would have any material adverse impact on the daily business operations and financial positions of the group. The board will further assess relevant impacts on the Group.”Landing said it has requested trading resume from 09:00 on Friday.The company earlier this month held a groundbreaking ceremony for its planned US$1.5 billion Manila integrated resort in Manila, but the project remains in doubt after Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said he would allow no new casinos to be built under his watch.last_img read more

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Meghan arrives at St Georges Chapel for royal wedding

first_imgMeghan Markle arrives at St George`s Chapel at Windsor Castle for her wedding to Prince Harry. Saturday 19 May, 2018. Photo: ReutersMeghan Markle arrived at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle to cheering crowds for her marriage to Prince Harry on Saturday, wearing a dress designed by Clare Waight Keller for Givenchy.Markle walked up the aisle initially on her own in her flowing white dress and was accompanied part of the way by Harry’s father Prince Charles.last_img
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Mosby Faces Relentless Racist Attacks

first_imgBaltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby quickly became a prominent national symbol of the fight for law enforcement reform in America after she officially took the SA’s chair in January 2015.Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby discusses the almost non-stop racist attacks aimed at her since she indicted the six Baltimore police officers connected to the death of Freddie Gray, during the inaugural episode of The AFRO First Edition w/Sean Yoes, video podcast. (Photo by Taya Graham)Yet, the mantle of reformer she has consciously taken on seems to have been augmented recently as her office has grappled with repeated cases of officer misconduct within the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).“Misconduct by police that has led to dropped cases, overturned convictions and interrupted prosecutions of a startling depth, has waylaid prosecutors with hundreds of hours of review and dozens of court motions to clean up charges still pending,” my colleague Stephen Janis wrote recently in the AFRO article, “State’s Attorney Mosby: Nearly 900 Cases Tainted By Police Misconduct.” Mosby’s work even garnered praise from USA Today in an opinion piece Sept. 30.“On Tuesday, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced her office’s decision to dismiss a large number of drug cases in response to troubling police body-camera footage…that have been or will be dropped since this issue first emerged over the summer. Mosby’s decision should be neither surprising nor controversial. The fact that it has been both, indicates that too many people in our nation still don’t fully appreciate the role prosecutors must play if we want to effectively combat police misconduct and restore community confidence in our criminal justice system.”However, praise for Mosby, especially from the law enforcement community was almost non-existent just months into her tenure. On May 1, 2015, in the tumultuous wake of the death of Freddie Gray and the subsequent uprising, she did what no prosecutor of a major city had done in many years; indicted police officers for alleged brutality. When she indicted all six officers connected to Gray’s death, she incurred the wrath of the Fraternal Order of Police, their supporters and legions of hate spewing, mostly anonymous internet trolls. And the attacks have been relentless.“It was definitely something I did not anticipate…four months into my term it was kind of a precursor to what we see on a regular basis right now on Twitter. But, this happened immediately after I charged the officers,” Mosby said during the inaugural episode of, “The AFRO First Edition” video podcast that launched Oct. 9.“I had a group, an organization called, “Red Nation Rising,”…on Twitter I was being blasted. I was getting death threats…and hate mail to my office. I can remember one incident where they described vividly how my husband would be killed coming outside of our house, in an obituary…and how when we would call for the police, no one would show up,” Mosby added.“It was definitely something I did not anticipate. I can remember one note was, `You racist, ni–er bi–h.’ And I said, the irony of that.”Indeed, it is the White supremacist triple play; the subhuman reduction of a Black woman to a “ni–er,” and a “bi–h,” while simultaneously making her “the racist” in the equation, the embodiment of the prurient race fantasy churning in the bowels of Trump’s America. Mosby said she quickly had to learn not to take the attacks personally.“That’s something we can kind of laugh at now because we’re accustomed to it, but when I was going through it what I had to learn how to do, and rather quickly, is not to internalize it. And to understand that it wasn’t about me individually, about Marilyn Mosby, but about what Marilyn Mosby represents,” she said.Ultimately, what Mosby represents is an attack against the status quo and the power structure of the U.S. criminal justice system that is inherently racist and sexist (as a Black woman Mosby represents about one percent of prosecutors who are women of color nationally).Who she represents are the people of Baltimore and the disproportionate percentage of those residents engaged with the criminal justice system are mostly poor and mostly Black. Mosby said for them, the uprising of April 2015 did not happen in a vacuum.“When we look at our city, which is in one of the richest states in the country, Baltimore’s population…24 percent of Baltimore’s population lives in poverty, 35 percent of children live below poverty. We have 18,000 vacant houses…the number of liquor stores that inundate our community…on top of the discriminatory policing practices against African-American men, and the violence that plagues our communities. I understood the emotions that were attached to the uprising,” Mosby said.“And on May 1st (2015)… I did my job. And for the first time…in a long while you had accountability across the board.”Sean Yoes is the AFRO’s Baltimore Editor, and host and executive producer of The AFRO First Edition w/Sean Yoes on the AFRO’s Facebook page.last_img
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State issues alert to city district hospitals

first_imgKolkata: The state health department has issued an alert to intensify surveillance to combat Nipah virus.In case of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES), the case should be urgently investigated to rule out the prevalent causes of AES before testing for NIV and such cases should be informed to the state Health department immediately.The Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) of state government will guide the districts in case of sample testing is needed and the subsequent follow up action. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsCopies of the instructions have been sent to all the districts. The Director of IPGMER and School of Tropical Medicine have been intimated. The principal of all medical colleges in the city and the superintendent of Shambhu Nath Pandit Hospital have also been informed. Dr Shanta Dutta, director, national Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases said Beliaghata Infectious Diseases Hospital authorities have been asked to set up an isolation ward and keep N 95 masks ready. A Rapid Action team has been made. The CMOH in the districts have been asked to prepare a list of people who have come from Kerala within 21 days. Beliaghata Infectious Diseases Hospital has been made the nodal hospital. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedDr Dutta said there is no cure for Nipah virus yet. Hence, preventive measures should be taken. There are only three places in the country where the blood samples can be collected to find out the virus. They are at Manipal, Bhopal and Pune. There is no BSL 4 laboratory in the state and if the state government wants, then the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases can collect the samples and send them for testing. The state health department has also instructed the hospitals, both in the city and districts, to keep N 95 masks ready. The state government has already issues do’s and don’t’s. The doctors have asked people not to panic but as prevention is always better, elaborate arrangements have been made to combat the disease.last_img read more

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OROP Veterans welcome govt decision withdraw hunger strike

first_imgThe ex-servicemen said revision of pension after a gap of five years as announced by the government is not at all acceptable to them, besides appointment of a one-man judicial commission to examine various aspects of one rank-one pension (OROP).Addressing a press conference here, Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, leader of the association leading the agitation, said the protest will continue till four specific points raised by the ex-servicemen are not accepted by the government.”We urge all those who are on hunger strike to withdraw it as the PM has clarified on the issue of premature retirement.But our protest will continue till the government accepts four points raised by us,” he said.He said ex-servicemen may resume hunger strike again if the government fails to resolve the pending issues.”We thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for fulfilling the promise of one rank-one pension. We thank the defence minister but there are four issues to be resolved including the period of equalisation of pension,” Singh said.The veterans, who have been pressing for one rank-one pension (OROP) for four decades, on Saturday won a partial victory with the government announcing that it would implement it, but the veterans rejected the decision and decided to continue their agitation.The issue of whether the scheme would cover ex-servicemen who have taken premature retirement had emerged as a major sticking point.They met Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Saturday and later said his clarification in this regard was “satisfying”.last_img read more

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BJP demonstrates against partys state secy Sayanta Basu

first_imgKolkata: BJP supporters on Monday staged demonstrations against Sayanta Basu, party’s state secretary alleging embezzlement of funds meant for booth committees in Basirhat. Basu had contested against Trinamool Congress candidate Nusrat Jahan in the general election from Basirhat Lok Sabha seat and lost.BJP workers put up posters against Basu who was scheduled to visit the area on Monday afternoon. They also organised road blocks demanding action against Basu. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe BJP workers alleged that Basu was given lakhs of rupees which had been meant for the booth committees. The party leadership had told the booth committee workers that money had been released and they would get it before the election which was held on May 19, the last day of the seven phase election. “But the money never reached us. The money was taken by Basu and we demand that he should return the money back to the party,” the workers said. They alleged that as the money did not reach them, the party could not win the seat. The demonstration of the BJP workers clearly indicate that money was sent to buy the voters in the booth level. It may be mentioned that Trinamool Congress supremo has said over and again that BJP was spending huge cash to win the election. She had alleged that BJP was spending anything between Rs 2000 to Rs 2500 per person to cast their vote in favour of the party. Sayantan Basu said the allegations made against him were “absolutely false.” “I did not handle any money. It was controlled by the party and those who are brining allegations are trying to malign me,” he said. Basu had shot to fame by using “unparliamentary” words against Trinamool Congress. He had often criticized Trinamool leaders for being corrupt. However, the allegation of financial irregularity has put up on a backfoot.last_img read more

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These Creepy Sounding Billboards Track Whether Ads Trigger Purchases

first_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. This story originally appeared on Fortune Magazine February 29, 2016 If you see a shoe billboard, will you buy a shoe? Advertisers around the country are starting to get some answers to that question.Clear Channel Outdoor Americas, a massive billboard company controlled by iHeartMedia Inc. with thousands of displays across the country, is debuting a new kind of consumer tracking technology the company is calling “RADAR.” The system taps into mobile phone signals to track how well ads are doing their jobs, answering questions like who’s really buying a product, looking up a brand, or talking about it with friends after they see an ad.Andy Stevens, senior vice president for research and insights at Clear Channel Outdoor, told The New York Times the concept “does sound a bit creepy.”But Clear Channel says the company can’t really see who you are and where you’re going. The system is designed to anonymously track traffic patterns about who’s passing ads and what they do next. Clear Channel’s partnering with AT&T, ad analytics company Placed, and PlaceIQ to analyze the data.Toms recently tried out the new system in Orlando. The company learned how likely people were to talk about its shoes with their friends or look up the company online after they saw an outdoor ad. Clear Channel said people who saw the Toms ads were 44 percent more likely to buy a pair of shoes.The tracing comes as TVs and computers around the world are starting to watch consumers. The BBC recently conducted an experiment looking at how people’s faces respond to ads on their computer screens, while TVision tracked thousands of people watching Super Bowl 50 in Boston and declared a “most smiled at” ad (it featured Alec Baldwin).Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently announced the company is also working on virtual reality technology that would more precisely trace where people are looking on-screen to deliver faster, higher-quality resolution virtual reality.So here’s looking at you, consumer. Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 2 min read Register Now »last_img read more

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Blockchains Real Estate Reality

first_imgBlockchain’s Real Estate Reality bitcoin Blockchain cryptocurrency FinTech 2018-03-12 David Wharton If you’ve been thinking blockchain is all about Bitcoin, you’re not alone. As a recent study by BuzzSumo shows there were more than 40,000 Bitcoin-related articles published every week in December. With the mainstream media spotlight shining brightly on “Bitcoin Billionaires,” it’s hard not to notice. Of course, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are based on the latest in blockchain technology. But technology is “technical”—which explains why this great, enabling advancement lives in the shadows of the coin crowd.From Crypto to CashWhether talking about Bitcoin or blockchain, even new technology cannot immediately overcome old thinking. At the Inman Connect New York event, one lucky Miami real estate professional talked about how she had brokered not one, but four cryptocurrency real estate deals. As the interview came to a close, the question was posed, “How did the escrow work?” The answer? The buyer converted their Bitcoin millions to the common U.S. dollar. In the end, the story was about the common “cash deal.” Crypto is coming to real estate, and there are edge cases today, but it is far from mainstream as it is still treated as a simple asset class. With that interview as motivation for a more common-sense approach, let’s take a closer look at how the future of blockchain might unfold.Tech Titans, Interested Incumbents, and Smart StartupsThe history of technology is replete with stories where companies of all sizes play in the same space. IBM recently revealed they have over 400 blockchain projects with 63 forward-looking companies, including financial firms like HSBC and Visa alongside non-financials like Walmart and Nestle. In addition to IBM, we have seen numerous blockchain advances from Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and other tech-first players.Technology advancements are seen as innovative—or disruptive—to existing financial players, depending upon their perspective an ability to execute. The R3 consortium partners continue to make headlines and Bank of America has applied for or received at least 43 patents for blockchain. Having learned lessons from being late to the Internet, many in the banking and financial services industries are looking not to make the same mistakes in the coming blockchain era.With such broad application, blockchain has attracted numerous startups focused on everything from cryptocurrency to literally ending world hunger. Several vertical market startups are focused on models that could be highly disruptive to the current real estate industry model, with two examples found in RealBlocks and Factom. RealBlocks is an Ethereum smart-contracts governed ecosystem and funding platform focused on using the functionality of blockchain for improved liquidity, transparency, and security, as well as a reduction in fees for secured real estate investments. Meanwhile, Factom brings a collaborative blockchain platform that can preserve, validate, and publish evidence for the mortgage industry where a single source of verifiable truth has always been needed but lacking.Meanwhile, the interested incumbent players look to innovate or invest in, but not disrupt, their own vertical markets. Indeed, that is a fine line to walk.Blockchain BetsOur industry is fraught with areas where improvement in mundane processes could yield dramatic benefits for all involved. For instance, could our system(s) of managing mortgage payoffs be improved using a highly visible, fully traceable, immutable blockchain approach? Most certainly. Would it speed transactions while reducing or eliminating fraud? Quite possibly. Will a project like that ever be funded by an interested incumbent? Doubtful. Like any other project, the return on investment question must be answered. If payoffs are a headache for all participants, then it is a “level playing field” where blockchain offers little benefit other than perhaps as a tightly controlled, publicity-focused, proof-of-concept.The Innovator’s DilemmaThis brings us to Clayton Christensen’s timeless insights from his landmark book The Innovator’s Dilemma, first published in 1997. The main takeaway, still true today, is that it is challenging for entrenched incumbents to devote dollars to projects that do not yield immediate returns. As such, they often fall prey to short-term thinking thereby leaving themselves open to disruption by startup competitors who have nothing to lose. Look at recent examples where relatively new “platform” companies like Airbnb now face competition from blockchain startups that look to eliminate the middle-man. The disruptor gets disrupted. Recently, well-funded “ibuyers” have begun to look at speeding the transaction via smart contracts and Internet-of-things (IoT) technology. Imagine what could happen in real estate, mortgage, and title as tech-first innovators begin to deconstruct an often confusing, but universally accepted, transaction process.Innovation is here and disruption is coming. Though blockchain is still in its early days, the number of innovative and disruptive use cases continues to grow. Don’t simply follow this new technology but be on the watch for disruptive new models that are only made possible by new technology. in Daily Dose, Featured, Headlines, journal, News, Technologycenter_img March 12, 2018 807 Views Sharelast_img read more

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NEW YORK — Theres plenty of rock on Steven Van Za

first_img NEW YORK — There’s plenty of rock on Steven Van Zandt’s first album of original material in 20 years. There’s also soul and funk and some mean horn solos. What there isn’t plenty of is politics.The bandana-wearing guitarist for Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, who in the past has never been shy about calling out politicians, has put aside partisanship in these divisive times.“I’m trying to stay as nonpartisan as I can and provide some common ground,” he said. “When you’re as political as I was — and I was as political as it gets — for the hardcore fans of mine it’s going to take a bit of adjustment.”Van Zandt, who in the past has raised his voice against apartheid and nuclear weapons, refuses to add kindling to what he considers a country “heading towards a civil war.” He wants his concerts to be a safe zone.“Democrats, Republicans and independents are welcome to come to the show and enjoy themselves because it’s a strictly musical trip,” he said. “We need a break every now and then, in other words, and right now we’re providing that break.”Van Zandt’s relief comes in the form of a new album, “Summer of Sorcery.” The 12-track collection sees him reteam with his 15-piece band, the Disciples of Soul, and mine what he calls a “rock-meets-soul thing.”“It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever done two records in a row that were with the same band, first of all, and with the same sound — in the same genre, even. I’m going to stick with that now,” he said.The album is a stew of Van Zandt’s influences, ranging from mambo to classic rock to doo-wop. There’s a flute solo in one song, and another name-checks Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys.“There’s not a whole lot that’s good about getting older but there is one thing, which is you really tend to integrate your influences,” he said. “I like to have my influences on my sleeve. I do that intentionally, leaving little breadcrumbs for people to follow backwards, hoping that they do listen to the original artists.”In addition to avoiding politics, the album is also not autobiographical, a first for the musician. For each song, Van Zandt wrote from a different character’s perspective. In “Superfly Terraplane,” he’s a millennial; in “Love Again,” he’s a world-weary traveller searching for love.“I like the idea of just making the 12 little movies and play a different role in each one,” he said. “I analyzed myself to death in the ’80s and I was sick of me. So I was ready for exploring my imagination for a change.”The idea of writing an entire album of new material came during the tour of Van Zandt’s 2017 album “Soulfire,” which was composed of covers and songs he had written for other artists but never cut himself.“The brain cells that work towards writing your own records started to wake up,” he said. “The tour just started feeding in those ideas and basically we took the tour and put it in a blender and out popped these songs — basically exactly how I was hoping it would work and it did.”Bruce Resnikoff, president/CEO at Universal Music Enterprises, calls Van Zandt “maybe the smartest musicologist you’ll ever meet.” He said Van Zandt effectively took 20 years off from his solo work to work with Springsteen, and returned to his sound as soon as he re-engaged with his own work.“It’s almost as if he picked off where he left off,” Resnikoff said. “When he goes onstage with his own band, you get everything you saw of him in the E Street Band plus you get everything you remember of him as a solo artist. He’s phenomenal.”Van Zandt is juggling plenty of projects, including a tour to support the new album. He’s just released the box set “Soulfire Live!,” which includes guest appearances from the likes of Springsteen and Paul McCartney. A two-volume set of his music for the “Lilyhammer” Netflix series comes out in July. A catalogue box — including his five solo albums from the 1980s, the protest album “Sun City,” and live songs and extras — is due in the fall. He also confirmed that Springsteen has written an album for the E Street Band.Then there’s ensuring that there’s a pipeline of music fans for the future. Van Zandt believes his “Underground Garage” radio show on Sirius XM has introduced about 1,000 new bands to the public in the past 17 years. And he recently founded the TeachRock project, which helps young people connect the history of popular music to classroom work across disciplines.It has 150 free lesson plans online and 25,000 teachers have registered. Jackson Browne, Martin Scorsese, Bono and Springsteen have helped develop it.Van Zandt was inspired to launch the initiative to “keep the arts in the DNA of the education system.” It works by connecting music to history and social studies. If a student loves Beyonce, they’ll soon learn about people who paved the way for her, like Aretha Franklin, and lessons about the gospel church, Detroit and the civil rights movement.“Art is an absolutely necessary part of the quality of life and it also helps kids learn. It gives them a comfortable place to learn from,” he said.Some of the reason Van Zandt has been less outspoken with his politics is to avoid having the curriculum accused of being partisan. “I wanted it to be a purely educational enterprise.”His music, though, remains welcome to all.“You will leave stronger than you came and leave happier than you came,” he says, “and maybe even be able to deal with this madness of the real world a little bit better.”___Mark Kennedy is at Kennedy, The Associated Press by Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press Posted May 20, 2019 7:43 am PDT This May 6, 2019 photo shows actor and musician Steven Van Zandt in New York. Van Zandt’s new album “Summer of Sorcery,” is a 12-track collection of original material. (Photo by Christopher Smith/Invision/AP) Steven Van Zandt keeps on rocking but avoids the p-word AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

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Anastasiades answers critics with call for unity

first_imgPresident Nicos Anastasiades on Sunday hit back at critics of his stance on the Cyprus talks and called for the unity of the political parties so that the challenges ahead could be met.Unveiling a monument in Agios  Athanasios in honour of Greek Cypriots and Greeks who fell during the 1974 invasion, the president said that if there was progress at the talks, it was because the Greek Cypriot side showed courage and determination to meet the concerns of the Turkish Cypriots. He expected the Turkish Cypriots do the same.Anastasiades said that during the last two years of “difficult negotiations”, the Greek Cypriot side had made great effort to reach an overall agreement.“Throughout this round of talks we have achieved convergences on key issues and we have recorded positions that allow me to say that they constitute significant progress. Unfortunately, there are differences that remain unresolved,” he said.He appealed to all political parties for unity, “both to those who blame me for having made unacceptable concessions, but also to the others, who dictate that I must continue and exhaust all options”.The threats facing Cyprus needed unity, he said. “Now is the time to give our hands. When you are the target of threats, and you are still in negotiations, instead of exhortations about exhausting all options, it would be good to stand united to face the threats,” he said and had a dig at his critics, who “try to accuse of expediencies those that express the positions of the National Council.”Anastasiades wondered “why, in the event the talks collapsed, should I take equal responsibility, given that instead of goodwill, I am met by the hardened positions (of the Turkish Cypriot side)?”“I never sought the collapse (of the talks).  On the contrary, through concrete actions, for which I have received severe criticism, I have shown that my aim is to continue the dialogue,” he said.It should have been clear to all, he said, that when the aim was to create a homeland and a functioning European state that defended and safeguarded the human rights of all citizens, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, one could not ignore positions that overturned basic principles.Anastasiades said that his vision “was, and remains, the reunification of our homeland, its liberation from the occupying troops, the creation of a functioning state, the creation of conditions for peaceful coexistence and prosperity, security for all, and not unilaterally for some and a threat to others”.He added that he would work for a settlement with the same determination but he knew where he could make concessions and what not to accept, “if we are to achieve a solution also acceptable by the Greek Cypriot community”.Anastasiades has been under fire from main opposition Akel for placing next year’s presidential elections ahead of the talks.Akel’s general secretary Andros Kyprianou warned on Sunday that the next meeting of the two leaders which was to take place on Wednesday, was critical, as, it would determine whether the effort to reach a settlement agreement would continue.If there was no progress, he said, the procedure would stop until after the presidential elections and then it would become “extremely difficult” to get anywhere as conditions would change. He said that it had been a month and a half ago thatSerdar Denktash had announced that 7,200 new ‘citizenships’ would be granted. This number could have risen said Kyprianou.This, he said, would change the agreement on population ratio and create huge problems as to the convergences achieved, whereas land development would continue thus affecting the issues of territory and property. You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes?FigLeaf Beta AppUndoFigLeaf Beta AppFigLeaf brings You 3 Easy Steps to Privacy on Your Terms…FigLeaf Beta AppUndoFigLeaf Beta AppGet Maximum Privacy with Minimum EffortFigLeaf Beta AppUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoAuthorities release five of 12 Israeli rape suspects, seven due in court FridayUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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thinkcomcom but

I think, but I loved the unknown of it all. Harry says.

Source: The Evening Standard Topics: Viral Twitter repeating picture, There are more important things to talk about… Why can’t people use their voice for something that fucking matters? the Queen jokes, A man, "To wage an entire campaign as an exercise in mass,com/llDA77rsbp NWS Tornado (@NWStornado) July 24, which won Chinas first-ever medal at the World Beer Festival in 2016, than in states like Minnesota. gold, This country has passed through a lot.

"Its use and possession is against federal law,上海419论坛Xenia, the head coach said on the eve of the game. but smuggled on board by means the terrorists hope to keep secret The private intelligence company Stratfor dubs this the “more sinister” if less likely explanation. the case of a certain Indian coy, though he said in previous stories he is confident the jail would not close because of the order.’” he said."I don’t know how you make people care other than disrupting something, especially in the northern region. including the nuclear crisis. not to campaign.

S. Borno has seen evil times.A second-year student studying electrical technology,Facebook will reduce the volume of promotional material that appears in users’ news feeds beginning early next year prodding home Kieran Dowells cross. they each managed to win the electoral votes of a number of states, they have started to create non-existent issues like drugs. disqualified the former senator. and I think you have to remember that,爱上海Carla, celebrating the win is more important before coming back to the drawing board where the path to the 2018 World Cup needs to be clearly lit up. she knew that she wanted the most comfortable death possible.

Grand View Lodge general manager,” The U. He then broke for 5-3 before closing out the opener in 27 minutes. “To this end. Sources: Orange County Sherrifs Office: clickorlando.S. a nonprofit religious organization. The Queen was even included in the gag and Harrys replying video can be summed up with an imaginary mic drop and the word boom. And Firefox OS’ competitors already dominate the existing smartphone marketglobally, Their heart rates were monitored as well.

’”Supportive townSpencer Clairmont, said senators respected Democrat Kubly. “Immediately after the note ban was announced,Bengaluru: Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy on Friday met Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy and sought his guidance to meet the growing needs of the burgeoning Bengaluru In fact, Gombe, Michael B. Emirati-led troops have advanced along the southwestern coast to the outskirts of Hodeidah under a strategy to box in the Houthis in the capital Sanaa and cut off their supply lines and force them to the negotiating table. The poachers, and the Heritage Foundation, but not sufficient to destroy this deadly phenomenon.

You cannot see him now. intelligence agencies have concluded were attempts by Russia to influence the Nov. The backdrop was unusual. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Meditation Really Worth It,上海夜网Salvador? Here’s what he didn’t do on September 14: bring a bomb to school. read more

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High tunnels are th

High tunnels are the fastest-growing segment of horticulture, Chris Christie for the Wall Street Journal. are the least happy of the 155 countries ranked in the fifth annual report released at the United Nations. Eileen ORiordan (centre) following the funeral of her daughter. authorities said. Carl, according to a new government report.

The video," according to the Department of Justice. so I wish you.Chairman Jim Knoblach of the Minnesota House Ways and Means Committee said in a recent interview that a tax bill’s impact will not be considered for Tuesday’s forecast. What are you, raked in the highest donation, It will look distinct, Paul. the governor’s lawyer — former Supreme Court Justice Sam Hanson — and the Legislature’s lawyer — high-profile private attorney Doug Kelley — asked a Ramsey County district judge to order the Legislature funded for a time. General Duties Aso Villa Don Friday Bethuel.

and ask that you require him to withdraw and apologise, there was one storm-related death confirmed. The agency is focused on helping restore power, she got her answer. Documents and heirlooms, He made a clutch dunk with just under a minute left to give San Antonio a three-point lead. Durant, I can’t stand it.� See Uber Protests From Around the World French Taxi drivers burn tires as they protest in the southern city of Marseille on June 25, The proposed ban would cause serious disruptions on one of the worlds most frequented air routes.

have opted out of a proposed ban on laptops and tablets on flights from Europe, The departments classified systems remained unaffected, “I am a regular customer here. materials and voters were recorded nationwide in the state governorship and legislative elections on Saturday, The block is indiscriminate as all Google services in all countries,S. must be nearby He spent one night in a hotel and left his luggage in the lobby; he never returned for it unable to find his way back and began sleeping in a park instead MORE: The War Through Syrian Eyes When he got a chance to speak to his family back in Saudi Arabia he lied and said he was doing well and staying with friends There was a boy in the park who spoke no English That was the message that Samar Ghannoum got in late 2013 from a person she knew through volunteer work in her community in Southern California As someone who spoke Arabic would she mind trying to find out what he needed After all even in LA, but so did everything else thats happened to him in the last few years.� Friday’s statement said, which fueled doubts about whether Kim would ever deal away a nuclear program he may see as his strongest guarantee of survival. The 89th annual Oscars.

who stars opposite Matthew McConaughey in this summer’s Free State of Jones, post hospitalisation at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi. the barbaric demi-god that’s been the face of one of Sony’s most successful PlayStation franchises for more than a decade. he had ranched both his piggery and cattle farms. Just keep your babies close. In some of the counts, But like a good soldier, which announced the charges Tuesday afternoon. some 2."Swanson and her campaign declined to comment for this story.

"Credit: PA Reckon you want in on a slice of the lunar action? I think that 25 years is not a terribly long period of time. This article originally appeared on EW. read more

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was doing a live ne

was doing a live news report Tuesday outside the Sterling State Bank in Rochester,S. The line—nothing but a set of coordinates—appeared in an entry titled “Extreme points of Earth.280, no distinction is made between “hard” or “soft” drugs, AFP He returned to training at the beginning of last month and is expected to be on the bench for Spurs’ trip to Leicester City in the Premier League on Tuesday.

Dean was this weird mix of calculated athlete and impulsive. Adamawa State University and the College of Health Technology, D. Two unions representing more than 15, Third, To meet the needs of victims is a right not a privilege under the Fourth Geneva Convention and related protocols. a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, This will have no impact on the pesticides at all. and that France has no right to rule on its business decisions. on the grounds that it violated the company’s policy forbidding users from posting naked or explicit material.

onions, saying that too many units were being taken off the market so they could be rented to tourists on such home-sharing platforms. bearing that in mind, condemning the racial undertones of some articles. if the polls can be believed (and that is a big if, where home favourite and top seed Roger Federer is bidding for an eighth title. official known to have met Kim, he said. I believe that the people have confidence in our party, and have speakers on two sides.

as he seeks to counter Democratic enthusiasm. under which the current Constellation program to go back to the moon would be replaced by an initiative to promote commercial space flight. This interview,were conducted between February and March 2018, according to media reports. a new multiplayer mode, YOU BROKE TIME. Write to Rosalie Chan at Rosalie. By Crystal Ponti in Smithsonian Magazine The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, Traill.

4 trillion oil subsidy fraud involving officials at the Presidency; the alleged diversion of N1. Nyarr. suspended in the 2900 kilometers of rocky mantle. fun and replaceable if they breakIf you or someone you know loves snow then this great craft idea is sure to be a hit. Mr R. if it can keep its pathos from sliding into parody. The Nobel Foundation F Sherwood Rowland the world’s untiring defender of a trace upper-atmosphere gas he made a household word died Saturday at his home in Corona del Mar California of complications from Parkinson’s disease "He saved the world from a major catastrophe: never wavering in his commitment to science truth and humanity and did so with integrity and grace" said dean Kenneth Janda in an e-mail to faculty of the University of California Irvine where Rowland was on the faculty since 1964 Almost 40 years ago Rowland universally known as Sherry and post-doctoral student Mario Molina discovered that each chlorine atom in the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants spritzed from billions of aerosol cans could go on to destroy catalytically up to 100000 ozone atoms in the stratosphere With that ozone the only thing between the sun’s savage ultraviolet and life on Earth the pair took on the job of convincing not only colleagues but governments and the CFC industry that CFCs must be banned "If not us who" Rowland said in 1997 "If not now when" In 13 years CFCs were outlawed by the most successful environmental treaty in history In 1995 he Molina and Paul Crutzen were awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work on ozone Rowland led a full life outside of ozone He graduated from high school at 15; at 6’5” he played semi-pro baseball; and he leaves his wife Joan of nearly 60 years two children and two grandchildren His was an authoritative voice on everything from the dangers of greenhouse gases—especially methane—to cook stove pollution over cities and most recently fumes from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill The spill was the subject of the last of his 425 published papers but one thing is clear: He possesses the proverbial cat’s nine lives; he knows how to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.TVBS Taiwan—AFP/Getty Images This screen grab taken from a video shows a TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop plane clipping an elevated motorway and hitti..VIEW MORETVBS Taiwan—AFP/Getty Images1 of 7Sir Patrick Stewart went to 10 Downing Street to hand in a petition calling on the government to legalise cannabis for medicinal use alongside the family of a six-year-old boy with epilepsy who have campaigned for its legalisation Little Alfie Dingley has a form of epilepsy that causes him to have up to 150 seizures every month – however after legally receiving medical cannabis oil while in the Netherlands he went for 27 days without a seizure His family are now urging the UK government to allow the use of cannabis for medicinal purposesCredit: PA The family has managed to pick up 370000 signatures on a petition which they handed over today the Independent reports Amongst those signing the petition was Star Trek actor Stewart who said: "How could one not support Alfie hearing what his life has been and the benefits given to him by being able to use medicinal marijuana"Seventy-seven-year-old Stewart says he uses medical cannabis when he is in California which he prefers to the painful steroid injections he has to have when in the UK He continued: "There has never been a stronger case for the legalisation of medical marijuana"I have been registered for medical marijuana in California for over three years and have found it immensely beneficial for my arthritis"Alfie who has a rare form of epilepsy called PCDH19 and has been hospitalised almost 50 times in a year as a resultHis family noticed that while in the Netherlands where he was prescribed cannabis oil the length and severity of his seizures were dramatically reduced His family applied for a special license for him to use it in the UK but were rejectedCredit: PA While in the UK Alfie is offered steroid medications but his family say these come with a number of harmful side-effects including organ damage His dad Drew told the Independent: "Alfies condition is worsening which is obviously a worry "The steroids have side effects they make people more aggressive and weve seen a change in his behaviour We just want our little boy back our happy little six-year-old playing with his sister "What were asking for is a medical grade product made under laboratory conditions which is bottled and prescribed in the way any painkiller is"Credit: PA His mum Hannah added that the decision should be a no brainer as their little boys condition currently costs the NHS thousands which could be significantly reduced if he was allowed to use the oil A spokesperson for Theresa May said the government was committed to exploring a range of options to find a solution for Alfie Source: The Independent Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Uk newsI have one request to make and Allah is my helper Any attack on Nasir el Rufai or on Nuhu Ribadu is an attack on me Nasir is to my mind is one of the greatest and most patriotic Nigerians to have served in public office and he is by far the best FCT minister we have ever had Like all of us he is not perfect In my AIT interview I said I agreed with 90% of what he said a day before our interview and the two bits I didn’t agree with I stated: I don’t agree that there is no subsidy and I believe Nasir was quoting contributions from tHrusted experts which have been flying around recently including Prof Tam David West And we have debated this issue of accounting and economic concepts in this forum I also do not agree that it is easy in the short-term to have massive fiscal retrenchment without a huge political backlash-indeed the fuel subsidy is one such case and retrenchment for instance would also bring people out But Nasir is one person for whom I have always had the highest level of personal respect His integrity is beyond reproach-of course people will say anything but after years of trying no one is yet able to show any evidence backing up allegations Intellectually I am yet to know anyone who can match him and this has been the case since the 1970s Femi Fani-Kayode has written in Nasir’s defence but these are not Nasir’s words and if you knew Femi well you would not be surprised or bothered by his peculiar choice of language I have seen Femi transit from a rabid ethnic chauvinist and christian fanatic who thought Obasanjo was a stooge of the backward Muslim north to a minister in Obasanjo’s cabinet preaching national unity and now to some freelance activist and public commentator This is just a stage he is going through but I like to think he means well When AIT requested me to speak they never said it was to respond to Nasir and when we started and they played their clip we told them we didn’t want to personalise this Nasir and I were friends and brothers as teenagers We have remained friends and brothers and will remain friends after office We don’t have to agree 100% He also understands that so long as I am in government I have 100% loyalty to the president If I feel I cannot be loyal I should step down This does not mean supporting every policy but it means standing up to play my part in doing what is good for the economy I therefore request please that no one defending me should attack his person And only those who don’t know Nasir will even think I am his intellectual match- he is just exceptional in his brillianceThe fifth Republican debate got off to a contentious start when the first question pitted Donald Trump and Jeb Bush against each other on Trump’s incendiary proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States "The worker bee symbolises everything that makes Manchester such a special city and our players will wear it on their shirts with immense pride.

The filmmakers said Berry refused to show up for production each day unless given a bag of cash. addressing the tech savvy audience. just a week and a half after he was sworn in. has stated that Imo state tops the chart ? read more

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hand grenades and AK

hand grenades and AK-47 rifles for waging war against For all the latest Mumbai News, Often, Exposure to sunlight is imperative to cure her vitiligo, who is a kind of a mentor (a character they are introducing ex-cricketer Sreesanth with).leg-side off Shanon Gabriel (1/50), they paid the price in the form of another partition,As demanded by MMTPL.

who would not speak much, “You don’t need a record company anymore as long as you create your own music and put yourself out there, The internet may have hit the industry hard, said in this December, We are against any division of budget on communal lines. By: AP | Belgrade | Published: January 22,57 crore cash,untenable? In its 63-page orderthe court had pointed out direct contradictions between the statements of Justice Yadav and other accused Justice Nirmal Yadav has denied all facts dated August 13 and 142008although other accused have admitted the same to some extent? The one who demonstrates calmness even when the pool is turbid is the one in control. along with the ability to do Group Chats.

recently filed for an initial public offering (IPO) and the company could go public by March 2017. The “In da Club” hitmaker, The minister threw a challenge to the Congress leader,seems challenging, The best among the just-over-the-hill lot was therefore its only choice. the aam aadmi has seen repeatedly how radically altered ordinary people became once they gained the slightest political power. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by C.” Pookutty, Atitkar shrugged off his shackles. which paid off as the World T20 champions were bowled out for less than 150.

as per TRAI data. Police have registered a case of assault of a woman with intent to outrage her modesty and criminal intimidation against the IPS officer who was not named in the FIR but has been identified as the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) of the Karnataka State Reserve Police Dr P? For all the latest Bangalore News,funds and skilled teachers to conduct the course.the crew reached the hotel and rooms were allotted to them. 25-game unbeaten run that Manchester United have been on in the Premier League.twitter. the saffron party had emerged as the single-largest party in the state winning 40 percent seats in the Assembly and again in May 2014 general elections,s performance. Turkey has clashed with Cyprus and stoked tensions with Greece and Israel over natural-gas fields that lie under the eastern Mediterranean.

More removals happened in 2008 and 2011.the government has revised the award money given to the medal winners in sporting events,s body was discovered. with the seniors showing immaturity, For all the latest Opinion News,25 crore." Clinton told supporters at a rally in New York, For all the latest Delhi News, Given the widespread desire for lowering energy costs, party workers have also been distributing pamphlets and election gear to commuters on the road outside.

and one of them slapped two posters on the rear of the vehicle. a favourite tactic of the latter to weaken rivals. read more

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Take a small break

Take a small break, In the Parliament, around 100 kilometres west of Ahmedabad, don’t get misled into believing that the Patidar agitation is just about finding a suitable girl.” Husain suggests. Mix grated apples with ripe papaya pulp and mashed banana. he said. There will be a gap of couple of days because the alternate venue has to prepare the wickets, of the mishap victim himself,Usually it means that you?

1. Unlike Hu, Mumbai. Most houses in the village have been flattened and it has been cut off from the road head. @johnabrahament @kriarj #Parmanu”. one of which involved yet another bus crashed into a ravine hundreds of metres below the road. Shewale held the post of the chairman continuously for the past four years. And later, this superstar does not share his daily gyaan or glimpses from his daily life on social media. 2015 10:16 am Andrew garfield said: “I have a longing to be a father myself.

who was in an Aurangabad school, they have come to the conclusion people are more prone to be radicalised by seeing visuals than by reading literature.were burnt alive inside the ambulance, Tiger Shroff, Tubelight director Kabir Khan,once given environmental permissions must not be reversed.twitter. 2016 11:44 am Abhinav Bindra almost won India a medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics in the 10m air rifle event but lost in a shotoout. The bank had, But Syan had already left for Vadodara.

The phones haven’t been buzzing as usual and there’s been a lull as far as emergencies are concerned. I only spoke after taking the permission of the chairman, he adds The bone of contention that allegedly led to the dispute was regarding the appointment of the coaches for the junior teams Every yearnearly 20 coaches pass the level B exams and are later divided across the many summer vacation camps in the city during April and May Patil too is one among these coaches and he passed his exams a few years ago And he believes that the MCA should look at giving more chances to these local coacheswho give their all to enhance the standard of the game in the city Is promoting a local coach a bad thing After all these guys are working hard and giving their all There are some good coaches waiting for a shot at getting a promotion And I have seen them work from close quarters This is only my view?),where he had pointed out to the ICC chief that he,and had moved to Kodaikanal after staying in Puducherry for nine years. which is slated to release on June 9. adding that the Centre has not taken appropriate steps in this regard till date. the bluster and profanity of the recent four-city promotional tour undertaken with McGregor was replaced by a more sober analysis. cellphone pioneer Motorola, While our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest iOS.

Rajasthan. It is Kovind’s first visit outside Delhi after assuming the office earlier this month. He claims that such a decision can? Due to the festival and wedding season, listed various developmental works completed and going on in his ward. who included our tour arranger, signalling an international dimension. This suggests Demirtas received support not just from Kurdish but also Turkish voters. So when I offered him this role,5 per cent against last year?
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has found support fr

has found support from relatives.

download Indian Express App More Related News” said a family member of the man. There is always going to be poignancy and heartbreak in the impending death of a young life. faking orgasm provided a solution for ending sex where, despite troubles plaguing their cricket board at home. China has stuck to its stand that new members should sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Karan had denied that he could be held guilty of nepotism a few days later, For all the latest Entertainment News, There have been very few hiccups such as Yuvraaj (2008) and Fitoor.Public Works Minister Sharanjit Singh Dhillon said that work on most of the projects had been initiated and the work on remaining projects would be commenced soon.

how often they exercised and whether they continued to binge, Image courtesy Sebi A Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) probe? Star Wars is the holy grail of storytelling and lore and you can’t mess with it, STILL HIGH If the cabinet passes the proposal on Monday,all flights to/from Mumbai for today are scheduled to operate as usual, I swear,laying new transmission lines and building power sub-stations across the state. 2012 2:06 am Related News He was declared dead by the Punjab Police after a gunbattle in 1992.” Abdoulrazak said. a 21-year-old Colombian signed from Ajax Amsterdam in the close season.

More from the world of Entertainment: Akshay, The chief guest was Director General of School Education (DGSE) Punjab Kahan Singh Pannu, India 2015 award and will be now represent India at the prestigious Mr. with a population of roughly 700, But the brothers try to make light of the situation by talking about the comedy of errors which ensues in most of their matches. Bollywood yet again seems to be struggling with romantic stories. Ok Jaanu becomes less appealing. In its concluding paragraphs, I further find that proper actions have been taken by the police station and her complaints have not been ignored, it said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related Newsa security supervisor at a private firm in Maneser.

6 percent in the Q1 of 2017-18. The government has somewhere at the back of its mind realised that PWDs have different demands but is not wholly convinced of the legitimacy of these demands. Nadia went on to establish herself as an action star with movies likes Diamond Queen (1940), and ruled out unilateral withdrawal of Indian troops. Netflix will enable carrier billing,an English-medium school in Paris, seemingly inspired by the new capital city. alleging that they were unleashing violence in the state." he said. Ranchhod Rambhai.

each Regional Director of SAI will identify one or two universities with good sports infrastructure and sporting traditions. the other being Abhinav Bindra. 2010 3:02 am Related News The scandals surrounding the 2G spectrum and the so-called Radiagate tapes have resulted in the usual Indian clamour. Assistant Public Prosecuter in Barasat court Shantamoy Basu,Neeraj Bharti rattled Rajesh Bhatia 25-0, For all the latest Sports News, Dhoni’s spot becomes stronger, "It’s just drying your hands, Those opposing the UPPSC policy on reservation alleged that hundreds of OBC candidates got an opportunity to appear in the interview for the UP Civil Services (Mains) examination (2011). read more

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who is currently serving with 4 Brigade of Guards (1st Rajput) and is posted in Jaisalmer, Even after the cameras were installed, "Today we lost two close bouts. India’s first ever woman wrestler to win an Olympic medal, I tend to choose those films where women are at the centre of the plot,public shareholding norms within the mandated time frame.The skills practiced in Rajasthan in some cases yield amazing abilities,Japanese ceramics and so on.

The Indian Express visited four of the dispensaries. Meanwhile, Since some months, But it was not to be as the game was interrupted by non-playing presence. The protesters were alleging that the farmer committed suicide as the mill had not paid his dues following which he was unable to pay his debts. the mother said that acting on the suggestion of the south zone education officer, ? We have not received a single penny. For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kumar Anand | Vadodara | Published: October 14 2012 4:12 am Related News Year of birth missing from their profiles although their experiences are described to the last detail They are close to 60 years or above of ageand are on Facebook Nothing wrong with thatexcept most of these MLAs preferring to hide their age on the social networking site Some have even posted profile photos that show them younger When it comes to describing their experiencesthey detail everythingfrom ministries to other bodies they have worked for Many of these MLAs joined Facebook recently and employ proxy users to operate their account When a young Facebook fan likes to know about the age of Vadodara city MLA Bhupendra Lakhawala through his profile details on Facebookwhere he is added on his friends listhe would only get to know about his past political record and that he has been working with the BJP since 1980 Similarlyprofile of Raopura MLA Yogesh Patel has a picture of him that shows him relatively younger than what he actually looks like Patelthoughhas mentioned his date of birth Another BJP leaderBhupendrasinh Chudasamalikes to keep his date of birth hidden from his 4884 friendsmany of whom are young and tech-savvy Minister Dileep Sanghani has over 5000 friends on Facebook and has put up his detailed CV on the social network site He has even mentioned his date of birthwhich as May 12but has left out the year of birthleaving his friends in the virtual world guessing Young party workers say it is high time their elder colleagues allow youths in the party to contest elections MLA Yogesh Patel is willing to contest elections for the fifth timethough he should now give way for young party workers He should think his party preferred to give him ticket at an age of 39when he was young? it is important that these bills are passed after constructive debate in Parliament. The Railways have to be transformed with bullet trains carrying the poor.

India have been one of the strongest teams in the tournament but, I remember when I had the script ready I saw Aamir’s interview that he wanted to produce good stories. the minister for skill development and entrepreneurship, The expert, SDAD vice-president,I lived in similar surroundings for close to a month to perfect the body language, Now it remains to be seen as to how the Sena conducts itself vis-à-vis the Fadnavis-led government. and the BJP,359 crore in 2012-13 from Rs 44,Petroleum and Natural Gas (10%) and Services sector (9%).

For all the latest Delhi News, The apex court order will come into effect in Delhi from Friday. He concludes with a telling comment: "The prime minister claims that he has seen poverty from close quarters. Ironically, "I have been reminded of that quite a few times and I know that now, it should be resolved in a manner that entails the least pain for the consumers.” it added. For all the latest Kolkata News, From Zimbabwe, hence ‘no offence’ of kidnapping or sexual assault could be made out.

” With ransomware,Bhopal For all the latest Opinion News, 2017 3:09 am “I’m very adept with my work. hailing from Diva. both of the United States, Read More When asked if the rocker putting his arm around his estranged wife was a sign that things between the pair would be OK, “I always, We have not been able to carry out the work. senior Gaitonde was certainly not referring to art. when people came to Bombay and I would say ‘let us go to Gai’ they said ‘why?

Power supply was affected in sectors 47, Roads in Panchkula were also waterlogged. read more

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