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some of it is driven by politicians. its perfect present material – even if that present is for you. both of Fosston, 38,20am, They woke their owners up at around 3.D. woman had a name: John Daniels"I always longed for my dad" she said "Every daughter needs her dad"She sent him a message and he answered The two had finally found each other and on Friday Barnum got in her car with her three children and boyfriend to drive to Texas Expecting to arrive sometime on Sunday she made the long trip to her birthplace to meet her dad for the first time in 32 years just in time for Father’s Day"I bet you for sure it will be the best Father’s Day I’ve ever had" Daniels said’Cut off’Barnum was too young to remember her father before her mother Arlene brought her back to North Dakota She said she has heard both sides of the story from her parents about what happened when the family was separated in the 1980sDaniels admitted that he and his wife who were in their 20s at the time weren’t getting along and it was hard to make ends meet in Texas"She said ‘Hey I’m going to catch a plane and go to North Dakota and visit with my mom for a couple of weeks’ " he saidHe recalled dropping them off at a Texas airport When he called to see when he should expect them to return he was told his wife and child were never coming back"And then they changed their number and that was the last time I was able to be in contact with them" he said "It was tough to deal with that that the way it happened and I was completely cut off"He thought his wife would eventually call or come back but that never happened He said he tried looking for them but he didn’t know where to begin "Back in the ’80s we didn’t have the technology we have today" he said "There wasn’t a whole lot you could do to search for somebody"It was reach out with a phone call and once you struck out there it’s done" he addedSearching FacebookBarnum recalled her mother working a lot but Barnum spent a lot of time with her grandmother Deloris "Lee" Barnum who was instrumental in establishing the Fire Hall Theatre There were times when she was in foster careWhen asked how she felt about her mother after she left her father Barnum said she loves her mother deeply"She did the best she could raising me" Barnum said "I believe she was looking out for my best interest"Barnum said she didn’t know her father’s name until she was 13 years old but she always wanted to find him She also saw a picture of him for the first time when she was 21 years oldThe mother of three settled in Rolla in 2009 where she operates Dugan’s Bottle ShopBarnum’s mother died in 2005 and her grandmother died in 2014 She almost lost her father and her chance to ever meet himDaniels’ kidneys and liver were failing last year Now 58 years old he said he was hours away before doctors were going to "call it quits on him" when a donor’s organs came in to save his life"I told him ‘That was God telling you that you need to meet me first’ " Barnum saidBarnum didn’t know that was unfolding as she searched for her father In March she said she got the courage to message a man from Corpus Christi who shared her father’s name"The next morning I get this message from him saying ‘Are you who I think you are’" she saidDaniels knew the message was from his daughter once he saw the name on the Facebook message matched his daughter’s He was shocked but in a happy way"My wife said I turned as white as a ghost when I read it" he said "When I saw it I just sort of froze in time"’You are my Dad’Barnum shared a letter to her father with the Herald expressing mixed emotions from missing him to being angry with him She acknowledged that everyone makes mistakes some that "lead you places you never meant to go" She also recalls her mother telling her to move on"But I don’t want to do that I can’t do that" she wrote in the letter "You’re not the perfect dad but you are my dad It’s not too late We can’t change the past We can’t go back in time and fix things or make things the way we think they should have been We can’t start over But we can start with the day I found you through Facebook You are my Dad And no matter what I will always have love for you"Both said they are nervous but excited to meet each other"After 32 years what do you say" Daniels saidAt first Barnum didn’t realize they scheduled their first meeting for Father’s Day"I wanted to get there by Sunday and then I looked at the calendar and said ‘Oh my God it is Father’s Day’ " she said "This will be the first time I get to look my dad in the eyes and say ‘Happy Father’s Day’"Barnum said she has an open mind about where the relationship could go next but for now she will have family waiting for her in Texas including three half siblings she has never met Daniels will get to meet three grandchildren"It’s going to be a big reunion" Daniels saidFor those of us who grew up watching the television show "M*A*S*H" the northwestern Ohio city will forever be linked to the soldier in dresses gunning for a Section Eight Not only was Klinger from Toledo the actor who played him Jamie Farr was tooWhen Klinger wasn’t wearing a dress he was mostly likely wearing a jersey or hat from his (and Farr’s) favorite team the Toledo Mud Hens — now a triple-A affiliate of the Detroit TigersYou might ask why I’m bringing all of this up todayFor those of you following "The Great Indoors Trek to Times Square" — a year-long virtual walk from Fargo-Moorhead to New York City — the number of miles we should have now walked is the equivalent of Fargo to Toledo Therefore it’s time to highlight Toledo in foodThat’s when I stumbled across an unusual dessert called "Mud Hen Bars" Mud Hen Bars are a sweet Southern pecan cookie bar going back about 100 years It’s believed their name comes from their not so attractive appearance "Ugly as a Mud Hen" was a popular expression of the time knocking the homely coot that looks like a weird duck and feeds in muddy marsh areas It just so happens that the Toledo Mud Hens’ first stadium was built in an area where these birds fed You learn something new everyday rightThe bars have undergone a bit of a modernization from their origin in the deep South Now many recipes including the one I share here from Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate include marshmallows and chocolate chips and make the nuts optional (I left out the nuts because I don’t like nuts in baked goods; I added a half cup more marshmallows and increased the amount of chocolate chips in Jordan’s recipe) She also suggested baking 30 to 40 minutes; however my oven tends to run a little hot so my meringue was well browned after about 20 minutes Watch the video to see how they’re madeWhile the bars are nothing to look at with their cracked and broken brownish meringue top they are incredibly good They taste a lot like s’mores if you substituted a chewy cookie for the crunchy graham cracker and added a brown sugar meringue on top of all of itAre you interested yet They are really sweet so cut the pieces small and enjoy a home run of a dessert Original Mud HensServes: 25Ingredients: cup shortening4 tablespoons butter room temperature1 cup sugar1 whole egg2 eggs separated1 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking powder teaspoon salt1 cup chopped nuts (optional)1 cups mini marshmallows1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips1 cup packed light or dark brown sugarDirections:Butter or grease a 9- by 13-inch pan In a large bowl cream the shortening butter and sugar Beat in the whole egg and the yolks of the other two eggs In a separate bowl sift the flour baking powder and salt together Combine the flour mixture with the creamed mixture blending thoroughlySpread the dough into the baking pan patting with your hands if necessary Sprinkle chocolate chips marshmallows and nuts over the dough In a large bowl beat the 2 egg whites until stiff Fold in brown sugar until well combined Spread brown sugar meringue over top of marshmallows and chocolate chips spreading to touch the edges of the pan to prevent it from shrinking during bakingBake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 to 40 minutes or until lightly browned on top (Watch closely as oven temperatures may vary) Cool completely before cutting into barsRecipe altered from Southernplatecom N. 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