Wilmington business removes lice resistant to other products

first_imgLucky Lady Lice Removal has been treated lice-infested heads for 10 years.(Photo: Matt Bennett/WWAY) WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As school is back in session, a couple Wilmington women are crawling with business. And it might leave you scratching your head.No parent wants to get that dreaded call from the school nurse saying your child has lice. But if you do, Lucky Lady Lice Removal is here to help.- Advertisement – “When I got that call it was like ugh,” said Jacquelyn Taylor.This isn’t the first time Jacquelyn Taylor’s has dealt with lice in her daughter Savannah’s hair. She knows how difficult they can be to get rid of.“It’s frustrating, she had it once before when she was two,” said Taylor.After using over the counter products that seemed to work at first, she says the lice came back.“She just seems to every few weeks start scratching again, so here we are,” said Taylor.So Taylor turned to Facebook. That’s where she found Lucky Lady Lice Removal.Owner Rebecca Busch says many over the counter products don’t work anymore, and she has proof after submitting bugs from our area to a research project at the University of Massachusetts.“It was in the 90 percentile of bugs they received had a gene that was resistant to rid and nix,” said Busch.Rid and Nix are two popular products that claim to rid hair of lice. Busch, a self proclaimed nit-picker, claims to use a more natural and fool-proof method.“We use olive oil because lice can’t hold onto the oily hair, they slide off the hair shaft as you’re combing them out, plus it suffocates the bugs,” said Busch.Busch says there’s no one-time treatment solution, and that it’s a process.She also wants clients to understand the difference between what actually works, and what doesn’t.“We teach our clients how to do it so they’re empowered forever and always to be able to treat their own head lice cases,” said Busch.Busch says contrary to popular belief, getting lice doesn’t mean bad hygiene. Lice actually have an easier time in clean dry hair than they do oily hair.Besides Lucky Lady Lice Removal, there is also Wilmington Lice Center on Kerr Avenue and  Lice Clinics of America in Wilmington.last_img