A man who lives in Northport is lucky to be alive

first_imgA man who lives in Northport is lucky to be alive after a tree smashed into his home during Wednesday’s storms.Danny Jacobs said he was sitting at home when the tree toppled and knocked him unconscious.“I’m glad to be alive,” he said. “I just had two heart surgeries in the past five weeks, and now this has happened.”Jacobs said when the tree fell, it smacked him right on the head, leaving him with a big bruise. When he came to, he said that’s when he realized rain was pouring down on him thanks to his caved-in ceiling.Despite the sudden loss of the home he’s lived in for 30 years, Jacobs said he’s lucky he’s still standing and talking.“It came right in on me in the recliner, it just spun me around in that recliner,” he said. “When I woke up, all I remember is the water pouring down my face. I could look up and see the sky, and that’s when I crawled and went into the kitchen.”Jacobs said he’s not optimistic about the state of his home. Since there was so much damage, he said he believes it will probably require demolishing.last_img