Colin Chris Paul is a demanding teammate Rondo is just difficult

first_imgThe fight between Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo during the Lakers/Rockets early season matchup resulted in ejections, suspensions, and fans and players taking sides between two players who have been labeled as historically bad teammates. Not one to mince words, after the brawl Rondo called out Paul for being renowned as a bad teammate and being generally disliked.Colin agrees both Rondo and Paul can be a headache, but he sees a difference between the two. Paul may be difficult, but he has played at an all-star level for extended periods of time and at least co-existed with three separate coaches, whereas Rondo is currently on his sixth team in five seasons and is renowned for burning bridges.Colin thinks friction between Paul and his teammates is due to his being demanding, but he has shown an ability to co-exist with coaches. Rondo is just flat out difficult to deal with and can’t get a long with anyone.When it comes to working with difficult or demanding, Colin will take demanding every single time.last_img