Harmless Home Built From LegoInspired Bricks Made With Hemp

first_img San Diego to Build Charging Stations for 3,000 Electric Buses, TrucksHydrogen-Powered Plane Can Fly 20 Passengers Up to 500 Miles Stay on target Concrete masonry units — you might know them as cinder blocks — have been a construction staple since the turn of the 20th century. They’re still widely used today, but builders are looking for more sustainable alternatives.One of those may be the slick modular bricks you see above. They’re produced by Just Bio Fiber out of Calgary, and are basically made from three ingredients: hemp, lime, and water. As you may have guessed from their appearance, the design was inspired by Lego bricks.The short fibers from the core of the stem, called hurd, are mixed with the other ingredients and pressed into a block. Integrated channels provide a route for wire and tubing.The hemp-based blocks “breathe.” They’re water and air permeable which means they aren’t susceptible to mold. Bio Fiber blocks are also highly fire-resistant. In tests, the blocks have survived being heated to more than 1500 degrees.According to the company their strength actually increases over time. However despite their strength and durability Bio Fiber blocks are still incredibly easy to work with.They can also be cut to size with any ordinary power saw. The Lego-like mortise and tenon design makes stacking the blocks a breeze — and at about 25 percent less weight than regular cinder blocks they’re easier to lug around.But wait, there’s more! Bio Fiber blocks are naturally good insulators. A standard cinder block has an R-value of about .2. Bio Fiber blocks can range from R-27 to R-40. That’s better than a 2×6 wall with spray foam insulation.As if all that wasn’t enough, Bio Fiber blocks are carbon-negative. Every cubic meter of Bio Fiber captures an estimated 130kg of carbon dioxide.The blocks are currently being used to construct a net-zero home on Vancouver Island. In addition to using Just Bio Fiber’s innovative blocks, the home is equipped with a solar roof and a Tesla PowerWall to help satisfy its energy needs.More on Geek.com:Students Create World’s First Bricks Made from Human UrineThis Italian City Gives You Free Beer for Riding Your BikeDoctors to Start Prescribing ‘Museum Art’ for Better Healthlast_img