Sony Doesnt Plan on Creating a New Handheld to Compete With Switch

first_img ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President Stay on target Both the PlayStation Portable and its successor, the PlayStation Vita, enjoyed success in Asian territories. This wasn’t the case for the rest of the globe. While the PSP was a moderate success outside of Japan, the Vita was an objective failure. With Switch’s impressive sales, some wondered if Sony would release a new rival handheld. Unfortunately, Sony has no plans to release a successor to the Vita.In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, Sony Interactive Entertainment Global CEO Andrew House explained how he sees little room for the handheld market to grow. The primary reason is due to the ubiquity of smartphones.“The Nintendo device is a hybrid device and that’s a different approach and strategy,” said House to Bloomberg during this year’s Tokyo Game Show. “We have not seen that as being a huge market opportunity.” He followed up with “The Vita experience was that outside of Japan and Asia, there was not a huge demand. The lifestyle shift toward the dominance of smartphones as the single key device that is always with you, was the determining factor.”Though Sony is potentially out of the handheld race, it does plan to expand into the mobile market. Last year, Sony created ForwardWorks specifically to develop mobile games. According to House, the development studio is doing “fantastic.”Another interesting thing to note is how House views Switch. He doesn’t fear Switch will hurt PlayStation 4 sales.“That draws me to the conclusion that they’ve really been additive to the business in the last year or so,” said House. “The folks at Nintendo have their strategy and that’s great. We remain focused around a highly connected gaming experience and also coupled with having a great range of other entertainment experiences so you can reach multiple people on the big screen in the household.”If you were holding out any hope of seeing a new handheld from Sony, it’s probably best you forget about that dream and move on. And let’s be honest, the Switch is a pretty great alternative to Vita when it comes to handheld gaming. In that sense, handheld gaming isn’t dead. At least not yet.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img