Following 800 poor reviews Amazon stops selling download copies of SimCity

first_imgIn what must be a big blow for EA and Maxis, Amazon has stopped selling download copies of the just released SimCity. The game has at time of writing received 833 reviews on Amazon, and has an average rating of just one star. That’s because 740 of those are one star reviews. Only 20 people gave it 5 stars. There’s few better ways to gauge how a game has been received, and this is pretty damning as to how EA has handled the launch.A note has been posted by Amazon underneath the “Currently unavailable” message. It states that many customers are having connection issues and they have no idea when it will be fixed. As we reported earlier, EA is bringing new servers online over the next 2 days to try and solve the problem, and Maxis is fixing bugs as quickly as they can, but server architecture issues are hampering them.You can still purchase a boxed copy of the game from Amazon, but will anyone bother when they see the reviews? It doesn’t matter how popular EA and Maxis say the game is, Amazon deciding to stop selling your product should be ringing alarm bells and costing EA a small fortune in lost revenue.If EA does solve the server issues by this weekend then they can set about convincing Amazon to open up download purchases again. I’m sure they will after guarantees are given, but the damage has been done as is clear from reading just a few of those reviews.last_img