Geek proposes to fiancé by creating fake Harry Potter 7 app

first_imgWe’ve seen a good amount of geeky marriage proposals in the past. A popular and geeky way to surprise your fiancé is by popping the question via video game. We’ve guys hack Super Mario Bros., Chrono Trigger, and Earthbound, to name a few. One romantic dude recently decided to propose by creating an app using Android’s App Inventor.Jon Hodgson posted a step by step walk through of the app. His girlfriend naively thought it was a Harry Potter 7 quiz app. When opened, it tells the user that it’s a promotion for Harry Potter fans to get free tickets to see the new movie on opening night. The app itself looks pretty authentic; Hodgson even put in the legal page that every official app has to have. He translated part of the legal terms into Spanish which states that to be eligible for the “Grand Prize,” the user must live in New Jersey and the CRC32 of the user’s first name, last name and birthday have to match that of his fiancée Meghan’s.AdChoices广告There are four pretty standard quiz questions that only Harry Potter fans would know, but the fifth question is when things start to heat up. Question No. 5 pops the question and gives Meghan the chance to choose yes or no.So what would have happen if she were to say no? A screen would come up saying “Oh no! You killed Dumbedore” with an illustration from The PotterPuffs. Thankfully, she said yes. When she did, the app automatically texted Hodgson with his future-bride’s answer. He then took out the actual ring to seal the deal.If I was his girlfriend, I would have a hard time containing my excitement to  continue onto to the “Next” button. However, the app goes on to another screen with a picture of Ginny and Harry from the last movie kissing, along with a corresponding paragraph from that part in the book. How romantic.Check out the video below to learn more about App Inventor for Android from Google Labs.Read more at and App Inventorlast_img