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first_img– SuperSpectre1Uploaded by nyrainbow2Completely wrongThis is what happened when you typed “completely wrong” into a Google images search this week… so childish (snigger).First world problemsReady to feel awful about all your whining and bitching? This ought to do it…by TheGiftOfWaterStickers on the Central LineA group which describes itself as being “responsible for the beautification of the Central Line” has been jazzing up London’s Underground of late. The work of Stickers on the Central Line may be the bane of lost tourists – but, well… that’s not our problem. WELCOME TO THE Weird Wide Web – where we take a look at some of the internet’s best offerings in social media, tech, science and weird news.Facebook is like…So, the world’s biggest social networking service has brought out its first major advert.With this ad, we presume Facebook meant to strike a profound tone. Instead, they have ended up with a disembodied voice discussing how dark and cold the universe is… and something about chairs. Not a great start.Uploaded by digitelvideosOn the plus side, it’s just begging to be parodied and – of course – the internet has obliged.Uploaded by donalmulliganThe softer side of YouTube commentsMark Slutsky, creator of SadYouTube, has trawled through millions of YouTube comments (a trying task) to pick out the “nuggets of humanity” in response to the music presented there. Buzzfeed has picked out 11 of the best – but be warned: they are a little bit heartbreaking.High school. After lunch, some of the girls would dance on the gym floor, before classes. Beth, JoEllen, Nina, to name a few. This song had come out, and they just danced to it. I remember sitting, and waiting for my favorite girl to come out. When she did, my heart beat sped up till I thought I would pass out. She knew I was there. I heard it at Travis AFB, before going to Nam. I just cried, while waiting to board the plane.last_img