Security Council voices outrage at latest assassination in Lebanon

In a statement to the press, Ambassador Giadalla Ettalhi of Libya, which holds the Council presidency this month, said it was “of the highest importance that the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of this heinous crime are brought to justice.”Last Friday’s roadside explosion in eastern Beirut killed Captain Wissam Eid and several others as his convoy passed by.In today’s statement, Council members “reiterated their condemnation of all targeted assassinations of Lebanese leaders, particularly since October 2004, and demanded an immediate end to the continuous use of intimidation and violence against Lebanese officials and institutions, in this case the Internal Security Forces.”Stressing the importance of political dialogue and the unity of the Lebanese people, Mr. Ettalhi said the Council stood determined to help the Government pursue the case.The press statement echoes a statement from a spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in which the UN chief deplored the bombing. 29 January 2008The Security Council today condemned last Friday’s terrorist bombing in Lebanon that took the life of a senior member of the country’s Internal Security Forces and also killed and injured several others, pledging to help the Government pursue the case.