Casablanca Notary Embezzles 50 Million Moroccan Dirhams

Rabat – A notary in Casablanca has been accused of treason and indicted by the King’s Attorney General for diverting more than 50 million dirhams ($5 million) from his clients. The notary, licensed by the government to perform acts in legal affairs, allegedly embezzled the money from nearly 400 clients.The suspect is also accused of misspending the deposits of five real estate developers by manipulating several bank guarantees. The notary is also being investigated for cashing a MAD 14 million check from a real estate developer. After the King’s Attorney General Ali bin Fetais al-Marri opened an investigation into the matter, the notary was apprehended and spent 48 hours in custody at the head office of the Wilaya of Casablanca.Read Also: Morocco Sentences Casablanca Official to 6 Years for CorruptionThe individual, whose name has not yet been made public, has had several complaints filed against them regarding embezzlement by Mohamed Bourdika, the former president of Moroccan football club Raja of Casablanca.The notary represented a property development company Bourdrika was working with. As the notary, the suspect was responsible for paying money to an undisclosed real estate development company on Bourdrika’s behalf. But it was later discovered that those transactions between the notary and the company never occurred.Bourdrika did not immediately respond to Morocco World News’ request for comments.