Tweet Linking ISIS to Mossad Costs Moroccan Dutch Her Job

Rabat – A Moroccan Dutch lost her job at the Ministry of Justice of Holland after she posted a Tweet where she said that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is a conspiracy from the Israeli secret services, known as Mossad.Yassmina Haifi, who works in the department of Cyber Security at the Ministry of Justice said in a Tweet on Tuesday: “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It is a preconceived plan of Zionists who want to defame Islam.”But following the controversy sparked by this tweet, the Moroccan Dutch was forced to remove it. To explain the reason behind her tweet, Yasmine said on her Twitter account:“I have just realized the political sensitivity of the tweet about ISIS that I have just removed. This was never my intention.”But it seems that her move did not dissuade the Ministry of Justice from taking a disciplinary action against her.Following it decision to dismiss her, Yassmina said in later tweets that she took full responsibility for her action, what she said was with full conviction, adding that ISIS deeds are “diametrically opposed to Islam’s preaching.”Voor de volledigheid: heb willen zeggen dat ISIS onmogelijk islamitisch kan zijn. daden ISIS staan lijnrecht tov de islam predikt— Yasmina Haifi (@HaifiY) August 13, 2014“For the record, I want to say that ISIS may not be possibly Islamic. ISIS deeds are diametrically compared Islam preaching.”Tot slot: ik neem volledig afstand van het gedachtengoed van ISIS en haar daden. En zeg dit met volle overtuiging. — Yasmina Haifi (@HaifiY) August 13, 2014“Finally, I take full responsibility for the ideas about ISIS and its actions. And say it with conviction.”