Restaurant Review: La Tasca

first_imgIf La Tasca still doesn’t appeal, then don’t rule out the Oxford Castle as a place to find good restaurants. Rather similar to the Duke of York Square on the Kings Road, it is very nicely laid out and all the restaurants have large outdoor seating areas. It would definitely be worth looking at the divine Carluccio’s, or the up and coming pizza chain Prezzo, to name but two. Such was my lack of faith in restaurant reviews that I was prompted to try the tapas restaurant La Tasca at the Oxford Castle, despite its measly two out of five stars in the Oxford Handbook.  Actually, the 40% off voucher was quite an incentive too. Toast and tea does get dull. Having rounded up some friends at short notice, we searched through the maze that is the Oxford Castle and eventually found La Tasca. The waitress managed that almost impossible combination of being friendly but unobtrusive and the menu was very extensive, although many dishes were so similar that it seemed unnecessary to put them all on.  Obviously being spoilt for choice in a restaurant is no bad thing, but students on a tight budget be warned.  It is all too easy to get carried away. As the table next to us belatedly realised, ordering three dishes per person is more than sufficient.     After a jug of slightly watery Sangria, we kicked off with some delicious, although somewhat unseasoned, calamari. Most of us ordered typical chorizo and potato dishes, although one friend sampled the vegetarian section. Perhaps the chorizo lacked its usual fiery flavour, but the sauces and seasonings more than made up for that. The vegetables in particular were very well prepared.  All restaurants should take heed of the fact that simple dishes are an essential staple and should not be overlooked.  Without our discount, we would have paid around £60, which would be £15 each. So perhaps not the cheapest of restaurants, but definitely good fun.   La Tasca serves up far more generous portions and a generally more authentic approach to Mediterranean cuisine than most Tapas restaurants.  They do not go for the ‘one-bite-and-it’s-gone’ style dishes, merely for the sake of presentation.last_img