Find out how the Black Egg made a revolution in tourism

first_imgEight years ago, the group purchase market opened in Croatia, which later experienced its expansion through various versions and similar portals, and finally consolidation in the market.Today, the strongest site for group shopping on the Croatian market is undoubtedly Crno Jaje, which, despite its later entry into the market, with its proactive and different business philosophy and promotion, literally swept the competition and today has over 250.000 newsletter users, which is a powerful and efficient sales tool. . What is interesting to me personally is the fact that Crno Jaje introduced a small revolution in tourism, especially when we talk about the promotion of continental tourism, the sale of tourist packages in the pre- and postseason and cooperation with hotels, which is not based on cheap packages.The above facts are more than enough reason to talk to Hrvoje Bujas, the founder and owner of Crni Jaj, who points out that Crno Jaje is not synonymous with cheap accommodation but as an excellent channel for promotion and sales. “We were recognized by the strongest hoteliers in Croatia, and that fact only shows that Crno jaje is not a synonym for cheap accommodation, but as an excellent sales channel and a smart modality of work for the largest hoteliers. They know when, how and how to use Black Egg as a sales platform. ”Bujas points out and adds that they cooperate with Valamar, Maistra, Toplice Sv. Martin, Supetar Waterman Resort and many others.At the mention of group shopping the first association that binds is cheap accommodation, and he would never connect three-, and especially four- and five-star hotels, to cooperate with the group-buying platform. But, as Bujas himself points out, hoteliers have found their niche, a niche that works great as a sales channel, especially in the pre- and post-season. “No one can fill a hotel in seven days like we can, there is no tool on the market other than Black Egg. Our strength lies in the trust and strong customer base. We have over 250.000 newsletter subscribers who have been loyal customers for the last six years, and this is not a database that has been purchased, but has been built day by day for the last six years. “Emphasizes Bujas.Ok, great, but what does it look like in practice, I wondered out loud, and Bujas speaks like a sleeve, a concrete example of the last collaboration that was sold out in a couple of days during our conversation. “Recently, in cooperation with Toplice Sv. Martin worked on a special project “Međimurje and Dalmatia” with which we created a special content and experience, three days, ie two nights, on the basis of half board for two people. On Friday there was a Međimurje dinner and music, and on Saturday there was a Dalmatian dinner and the guest was the klapa Iskon. What is the power of Black Egg is exactly this – in just three days we sold out 110 hotel rooms. Find me which sales channel and marketing campaign can sell out 110 rooms in three days. We work with all hotels, and it is interesting how we sell 4 and 5 star hotels better, not the cheapest accommodation. What has proven to be very successful is that we are working on a practical turnkey system – promotion, sale and collection of funds and the transfer of funds to the hotel”Bujas points out and adds that hoteliers have long understood the values ​​of Crni Jaje and that Crno Jaje is not a group purchase from seven years ago, but a new modality of fast, efficient and quality filling of capacity.And I have to admit that he dispelled all my doubts and in fact it was only then that I realized the true concept of Black Egg, and that is fast and efficient sales. Because selling 100 nights in three days is more than an impressive success. Also, what is positive and systematic, that through the campaign in the above-mentioned cooperation with the Spa Sv. Martin was not selling accommodation, but content and a special whole experience. We all know that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but diverse, quality and primarily authentic content, especially when we talk about the pre- and post-season as well as continental tourism. People do not travel or come to destinations for accommodation, but for content.And this is where we come to a great link, which came to me in an interview and a deeper story about Crni Jaj as a platform for the promotion of destinations in the pre- and post-season, and especially in continental tourism. Also, Crno Jaje has definitely started and raised some destinations in the continent such as Baranja, Lika, Zagorje, etc.… „Eight years ago, practically no people were travelers, except for ski trips and larger European cities. In general, I think that people traveled about 10-15 percent, and by entering the market of group travel portals and the arrival of a new pricing modality, especially adapted for continental tourism and the Adriatic in the pre- and postseason, Croats became travelers again. travel more and more around Croatia. So we’re talking about continuous growth over the past eight years, and I can say that there’s been one complete change within people’s positioning. People really want to escape from Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, ie big cities during the weekend and go somewhere. “This is exactly the niche we missed – domestic visitors and domestic consumption, because they are the base for the pre- and post-season, and especially for continental tourism. And when we talk about weekend travel, then it is ideal for people to go by car to closer destinations, primarily in Croatia, which are within 100 to 200 kilometers. Thus, it is most ideal for someone from Zagreb to go by car to Slavonia, Zagorje, Gorski Kotar, Međimurje on weekends… so go in a circle where you are with the car within two hours of driving. “It is in this field that we have done a great deal, thanks to our partners from the continent, from larger to smaller, who have recognized the power of the Black Egg precisely to create the motive of coming and filling accommodation. One critical mass was gained for continental tourism to show its “teeth”, and Crno jaje has been and will remain a great promoter of continental tourism since day one.. Personally, I think that only through Black Eggs did they practically invent some destinations. Over 2.000 coupons were sold for our partner in Lonjsko polje, which is a phenomenal result, and I would certainly highlight the excellent cooperation with Baranja, Međimurje and Gorski Kotar, where we sold thousands of coupons. “Certainly, in Crni Jaj, like all other continental destinations, we can look forward to the introduction of the so-called Cro cards that are just aimed at developing tourism and increasing consumption on the continent. Of course, Cro cards, whenever they are implemented, are expected to be a good step forward this year, but as a one-time solution and without a clear strategy for the development of continental tourism, there will be no long-term success or quality development of continental tourism.Currently, there are two proposals on the “table”, the first that the employer pays the employee five, and the second 10 thousand kuna. It is important to emphasize that 50 percent of the funds from the card would go to accommodation, 25 to 30 percent would go to catering services, food and drink, and the rest of the money could be used for museums, wellness and similar facilities. So a Cro card would be another bank card to which the employer would deposit money. Of course, those employers who want it, because otherwise there are no sanctions, and the state would return the same money to the employer through tax relief in the amount of 25 to 100 percent of the amount paid.So, I certainly support the introduction of Cro cards, although it is not yet defined how and under what conditions, which will significantly affect the success of the whole story.It is interesting that over 1.500 coupons – arrangements in Croatia were sold through Crni Jaj in January alone this year, the validity of which is until April 01. We are talking about the zero season or before the season.In my free judgment, and in accordance with the offer of domestic travel agencies, Crna jaje can certainly be declared a travel agency that sells the most domestic travel to domestic tourists (not counting the peak season)..But let’s go back and go a little deeper into Black Egg, how the modality of working with Black Egg actually works. As Bujas points out, there are three models of cooperation, and the best one is partnership, when they agree on the best possible campaign through communication. “The basic model of cooperation is when the partner exclusively wants to promote an action that he has designed, defined and arranged, and he wants to promote it through the Black Egg. We believe that the best modality of cooperation is always the partnership, where together we agree on the best possible campaign. We know what our 250.000 customers really want, when and at what prices, and we certainly aim for each partner to be satisfied with the collaboration and the overall campaign. In addition to our channels, from the web, social networks and newsletter database of 250.000 users, we also cooperate with the leading national TV company, Nova TV and Dom TV, which has a reach of about a million people a day. There are 10 to 15 spots of 25 seconds a day, and we offered our partners a share in that segment, so they get 5-6 broadcasts on a daily basis. We usually do a 14-day contract, so the partners get over 50 broadcasts in two weeks, and when they turn it into money, it is worth about 20.000 euros of media space on television alone. The third modality is an additional TV special where we shoot a special TV clip lasting 1 minute and this video is played up to 5-6 times a day, but we do such campaigns for clients with higher accommodation capacity. “Bujas saidA number of hotels have been working successfully with us for years, adds Bujas, and Crno Jaje is an ideal tool for hotels to generate demand and fill hotels in the pre- and post-season and for special promotions and sales, ie filling accommodation in 15 to 20 days. ” When we talk about the Adriatic, especially in the pre- and post-season, we are one of the strongest tools to create the motive of arrival and fill the capacity in the period when there are no tourists. It is difficult to expect that foreign tourists will come in February or March in a larger number, and there is a focus on domestic visitors. For example, last year, when we organized the New Year’s Eve for the first time on Brač in Supetar, where everything was closed at that time and there were no programs or visitors, we managed to fill Supetar Waterman Resort completely through the campaign. And not only that, the result was that restaurants, cafes and other facilities were opened in Supetar, thanks to the occupancy of the hotel and Crni Jaj. So, Supetar was alive in that period, and until a year or two ago there was nothing. It is proof that a quality story can be made even out of season. ” Bujas proudly points out, and I have to admit he has something to be proud of, and that is exactly the best proof of the efficiency of the whole platform, like it or not.Finally, Bujas emphasizes that no agency can offer and ensure the sale, ie filling of accommodation in such a short time. “In general, I think that at this moment we are the only ones who can place and sell a tourist product in 7 to 14 days, all thanks to a strong overall campaign and our positive image. ” concludes Bujas.All in all, Crno Jaje is an ideal and efficient tool for selling accommodation in a short time, not only targeted, but also when a hole has occurred during the season and hoteliers are left with a couple of empty rooms during the week during the peak season. sell. The only thing I can conclude for the end is how Crno Jaje definitely made a small revolution, especially in continental tourism, as well as the sale of content for the pre- and post-season.Opportunities are around us, use Black Egg for your tourist stories and don’t forget. You have to sell content, authentic content, not accommodation.last_img read more

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