Where and How to Get a Super NES Classic Edition

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Don’t Expect Any More Nintendo Classic ConsolesKonami Announces Live-Action Contra Film and TV Series Stay on target The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past1/25A Link to the Past brought the Zelda series back to its roots while building upon the original title to create the template for all other games in the series (and action-adventure games) to follow. The two massive over-world maps were expertly crafted and contained some of the best level designs of all time. The highlights were the dungeons, which featured just the right amount of challenge without being too annoying. This game is every bit the classic many claim it to be.<><> Update: Pre-orders are now sporadically popping up across the internet, so get on them and good luck!Have you heard the news? This September Nintendo is releasing a mini version of its 16-bit jewel of a console the Super Nintendo packed with 21 absolutely incredible games, from Super Mario World to Secret of Mana to the unreleased Star Fox 2. And although Nintendo has promised “significantly more stock,” if the Super NES Classic Edition is anything like last holiday’s now-discontinued NES Classic Edition, it’s going to be very popular and hard to grab this holiday. Here are some tips to avoid disappointment and make sure you get your retro fix.The SNES Classic launches September 29 for $80. You couldn’t pre-order the NES Classic and that seems to be the case for the mini SNES as well. Amazon UK has been throwing up a pre-order links that quickly expire, and Nintendo UK is “gauging interest.” But we’ve yet to see any official pre-order links in any other parts of the world. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to keep checking sites like Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and GameStop. Those were the best spots to grab Nintendo Switch pre-orders.Without pre-orders, honestly your best option is to either constantly refresh websites like the ones mentioned above, or camp out early in front of a store before launch day. Be smart. Stay healthy. Since the SNES Classic launches in September, and not smack dab in the middle of the chaotic holiday shopping season, if you think ahead and act fast, you should improve your chances. Although in a world with proper supply management you wouldn’t have to.Call your local retailers to see how much stock they are getting and when it’s arriving. Walk a little faster down the aisle to the games section. Gently elbow anyone potentially in your way. Don’t worry, this thing is marketed towards nostalgic gamer adults and collectors, not kids, so they can take it.As a last resort, check websites like eBay to see if anyone is reselling (although don’t look now because scammers are already trying to sell gullible saps a box that doesn’t exist yet for jacked-up prices). Capitulating to scalpers can be tough, but if you’re willing to pay hundreds of dollars for an $80 machine loaded with great but old games you can play for free if you bend a few rules, go for it!So yeah, right now there really isn’t much you can do to make sure you’ll get your hands on an Super NES Classic. You just have to be ready on launch day. In the meantime, why not check out these retro game console alternatives? Or make your own NES Classic with a Raspberry Pi? And below read our list of the best Super Nintendo games, many of which you can play on the Super NES Classic, if you can get one.last_img read more

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