The sanction bill to the City is very expensive

first_imgAccording to this same newspaper, although the City is going to see a reduction of its income through the competitions, it will not do so by the sponsors and cites the example Puma, which is not expected to reduce a pound of the 75 million it invests annually for being the provider of Manchester City.A ‘pending’ penaltyManchester City still does not know its definitive future in European competitions. The Mancunian club will resort to the sanction imposed by the UEFA Fair Play Financial control body before the TAS, which will give the final verdict to a City that hopes to see its sanction reduced, at least, to a single season outside Europe.This will be the last resort you can file the skyblue team that will not be able to resort to ordinary justice to be reinstated in the Champions League. The City has already seen how the TAS dismissed its appeal to UEFA for “damages and losses” for leaks to the press through Football Leaks that ended up in this sanction. Now, he hopes to have more luck in court. Manchester City will have to face an important bill this June after the sanction imposed by UEFA for breaking the rules of the financial Fair Play. In the absence of filing and resolving the expected appeal in the TAS, the top leaders of the City work tirelessly to tackle this crisis that affects all levels of the club.Doors inside have wanted to send a message of tranquility, control and trust in the face of the staff. The bonuses for qualifying and for winning the Champions League have opened a possible and unlikely way out so that several players leave with the freedom card but the club wants to compensate for this situation from this precise moment.Daily Mail ensures that the dome has already assured the staff that, if they achieve the classification even if they cannot play it, they will receive the remuneration for achieving the objectives. Some players have signed up to one million euros for this goal (De Bruyne charges between 1.25 and 1.5 million pounds according to HLN) which will raise the invoice of these payments for achievements to 179 million euros. An invoice that cannot be covered with the income received from participating in the Champions League.last_img read more

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