High speed robot takes slowmotion video to the next level

first_imgThere may be a reason to actually watch commercials on television again. That is, as long as they are created by “The Marmalade,” a German studio that has created a new high speed robot named “Spike” that is capable of capturing some mind-blowing slow motion shots.Traditionally, high speed video capture is done using a stationary camera that captures an event happening literally in the blink of an eye. When the footage is slowed down you are able to witness detail you wouldn’t otherwise get to see. While this method has created some high-quality visuals, The Marmalade realized the constraints of the technique as a limitation to creativity, and so sought out a way to break through the normal paradigm.Borrowing from the virtual cameras employed inside 3D modeling software, engineers for the studio set out to create a robot that could use the same methodology in the real world. The result was a robot that can move at virtually any speed desired and is driven by a custom piece of software that users can employ to dictate the robot’s movements on the fly. As you witnessed in the video above, Spike is capable of moving its camera in ways that reveal a totally novel way of looking at motion events in the real world.The effects that The Marmalade has come up with are so good that they are often mistaken for computer generated graphics. Indeed watching the trailer that the studio made it’s hard to believe that everything seen is something that actually happened.spike1spike1Spike robot and cameraspike3spike4spike5Read more at The Marmalade’s site via PetaPixellast_img read more

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