Logitech introduces G710 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

first_imgLogitech has today announced its latest keyboard in a bid to grab the attention and dollars of gamers. It’s called the G710+, and promises to offer a very high speed, yet quiet typing experience.The quiet feature is being pointed out because this is a mechanical keyboard, which are historically quite loud. However, Logitech wants to make it clear the G710+ has the benefits of a mechanical keyboard without the associated noise. This is due to the inclusion of a dampening ring as part of every key.This keyboard is going to last a long time as it has a key cycle life of 50 million keystrokes. That should see you through many years of gaming or general typing for that matter. The quiet, long-lasting keys are also complimented by media controls and 6 G-keys down the left hand side, which are programmable. Combined with 3 modes, it allows you to record 18 different functions.At $150 it’s certainly not a cheap keyboard, but Logitech has included a range of other features to entice a purchase.The G710+ has a 26-key rollover, meaning you can press up to 26 keys at the same time and they will all register — more than you will ever need. The keys are also backlit making it easier to play in a dark environment, and you can control the level of lighting for the WASD and arrow keys independently to make them stand out. It’s just a shame you can’t control this for any given set of keys.Logitech’s new entry into the gaming keyboard market has to be compared to the recently reviewed Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 mechanical keyboard. Razer’s keyboard is $125, has 20 levels of backlight intensity, and allows you to plug headphones, a microphone, and USB devices directly into it. So the G710+ is going to be a hard sell at a price point $25 higher.More at Logitechlast_img read more

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