Facebook has 800 million users adding 50 million every two months

first_imgYesterday’s f8 Facebook developer conference unveiled some interesting developments. Facebook’s getting a whole new profile layout called Timeline, and there’s also some pretty cool things happening with media integration. During Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote, the Facebook CEO happened to mention a little tidbit that we’ve been waiting to hear for the past few months.Saturday Night Live’s Andy Sandberg started the f8 keynote by pretending to be  Zuckerberg. He spewed out a lot of false information, for comedy’s sake, but one thing he did say, that is actually true, is that Facebook now has 800 million active users. Though Zuck didn’t actually confirm this during his keynote speech, a Facebook spokesperson did confirm the number with ZDNet. It was only back in June, we reported that Facebook had over 750 million users.As we reported last month, according to Google, Facebook is racking up 1 trillion page views a month. Google’s stats also state that the site actually has 870 million users. With all those page views, it’s safe to say that the site has more than 800 million users. Zuckerberg said that Facebook saw half a billion users log on to the site on Wednesday within 24 hours. That high number may be attributed to the fact that Facebook made a few changes, and users could have logged on just to see what was up.Facebook confirmed 750 million users in July, so if the site is able to get 50 million users every two months, it’s only a matter of time (8 months if that’s a constant) before the 1 billion total is reached.via ZDNetlast_img read more

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